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The Resurrection of A Tail of Three Kittens


Yes my friends, this is the resuscitation of a previous dead fic. The Killjoy I was writing with kind of disappeared on me. I am not one to try and write a fic like this alone so I thought it was long gone. It sucked too because I was having fun with it and it seemed to be popular. I swore that I would never abandon a fic and then I had to do just that. It weighed heavily on me. :(
Then along came this amazing Killjoy ***mcr_rockstar*** and helped me breathe new life into it. She took over Gerard's character and made him even better than before. I did a few adjustments with Frank and Mikey, but not much and it just clicked! I am really excited to get this fic back and off life support. We are rewriting the first three chapters and after that, it will fall into the line up like all the others.
I just want to say thank you for your patients my amazing readers. We hope you will not be sorry. For those that have never read this fic before, I am including my original notes and descriptions. For those who know, check it out again. You will see Gerard in a whole new light. ^0^
So Gerard and Mikey are Werekittes , yes kitties, not cats, and Frank is not...well not yet. es, there is a reason they are kitties too, but that will come out later in the fic.
Mikey is the alpha of the group dynamic. I just have a thing for Dom!Mikey...since I seem to put him in a dress so often, I figure he needs his balls once in a while. ^0^
This story is being betad by the amazing ***RedRomRomance*** I figured since ***Trixgrl*** was doing HouseWives solo, she deserved one too. ^-^

Hiya! So I hope everyone is as excited as me for this story! It's about cat people! How can anyone not be excited!?
I am so so happy and ecstatic to be writing this with the absolutely fantastic Momiji who's works on here are amazing! (such a big fan) working together has been so much fun so far and I can't wait to see how we go from here! And a big thank you to RedRomRomance for her betaings!
so this all came from a conversation about... Cats! Cat people and of course the guys from MCR! Enjoy!!
-Suicide xx


Frank Iero/Gerard Way ×Gerard Way/Mikey Way ×Mikey Way/ Grant Morrison ×
Frank Iero/Mikey Way ×Frank Iero/Gerard Way/Mikey Way


D/s relationship ×Collars ×Ownership ×Werekitties ×Dirty Talk ×Topping from the Bottom ×First Time Topping ×Training ×Punishment ×


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Just turned 16, but can easily fool people into thinking he is now 19 because of his tattoos. Currently Gerard's "Flavor of The Month", but he wants to be more.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Fun loving guy who is just out for a little excitement. Never stays with a guy for more than a month. He would have too much to explain to them if he brought them home to meet the family.

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

Mysterious Master of Mikey and Gerard. Has a stronger relationship with Mikey. Mostly phone calls to him, but once in a while personal appearances. He frightens Gerard

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Younger brother of Gerard. He maybe younger but he is the one in charge in the house. He prefers Gerard obedient and on his knees.


  1. Once Bitten

    Frank never thought on his 16th birthday that he would get a better gift than Gerard. Turns out Gerard gives him a gift he cannot give back.

  2. Rude Awakenings and Expectations

    Frank discovers that Gerard is not who he claimed to be.

  3. Who's On Top?

    Does Gerard really have what it takes to be a Master?


Yeah, my lovely Beta ***RedRomRomance*** convinced me to start putting a few fics here too. There are still ones that you will only find on AO3, because that is where every thing started for me. Please feel free to comment both places if you like. ^-^

Thank you for reading and commenting. ^-^
momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki
Okay, so when I first read it on AO3 it only had two chapters, and I loved it. Now I read it here and it has 3 and I love it even more. It's an amazing story, and I weeeeeeeeally want you to update as soon as possible, because damn if it's not good, than what is?
SharpieStealr SharpieStealr
Your welcome
@Blood Splatter-Killjoy
Nice! Feel free to comment either place too. ^-^

Thank you for reading and commenting. ^-^
momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki
I read this on AO3 but now it's on here! Great by the way