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You Belong to Me


Gerard Way and Frank Iero are a crucial and vital part of My Chemical Romance, everyone knows this. Over the years as the band grew, so did their relationship with one another, everyone also knows this... including the women in their lives.

The band is now broken up, just like Frank and Gerard. But no matter how hard they try to stay away from one other, fate has a funny little way of stepping back in and bringing them back together for one more chance at the life together that they left behind... will they be brave enough to take the second chance?

* As a very personal sidenote: While going through my mibba drafts, I stumbled upon this little creation. I wrote this on December 21st of 2008, nearly five years ago. I wrote this during the HIATUS that My Chemical Romance went on back then, two years before Danger Days came out because I missed them so terribly. Now... here we are five months after the inevitable breakup, and I find myself missing them more and more each and every day. The music and the pictures and the memories don't seem to be enough, so as I find myself in that familiar sadness about missing my favorite band... I figured that finding this draft and posting this is meant to be. Maybe it will help me cope with missing them so much, I'd really appreciate it if you subscribed, commented, and stuck around to see me finish the idea that began nearly five years ago about my two favorite boys from the most incredible band that has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.
-xo- Lizzy




Ay3_its_Frank Ay3_its_Frank

This is probably the best fanfic I've read so far. Please update soon!! The suspense is killing me!!!

Zero percentile Zero percentile

Get the fuck back with this story!!! RIGHT NOW!!!

God update! I love this :)
trippin-on-mcr trippin-on-mcr