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I Lost My Fear of Falling


There is an uncontrollable energy that hits me every time I step on that stage. The sight of all the people crowding the venue —whether it be small or big— the lights and equipment onstage; and, as the show progresses, I get into playing more and more, head banging and jumping around the stage. It all becomes a big, colorful, loud blur, and I lose myself in it all.
But this time, something happened that made time stop; that made the world stop spinning and the music and screaming around me to fade. Something that happened during “Prison.” Something that happened with Gerard Way.

This is a historical fan fiction story about Gerard Way and Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. The story is about the Frerard kiss during Projekt Revolution in 2007, and I'm describing it from both points of view and extending the events.
This is the first story I write for mibba, let alone my first fanfiction. I hope u enjoy it :) tell me what you think in the comments section, and subscribe if you like it :D

NC-17 rating for possible future ... Frerard awesomeness 3:)

Disclaimer: I do not own My Chemical Romance, Shoreline Amphitheater, any of the songs mentioned here, July 29th, 2007 or California. Nor do I own Frerard or their epic kiss, but I do own my overly-active imagination, which created this story


  1. Chapter 1 The Amphitheatre

    My Chem arrives at the concert destination and prepare for their performance.

  2. Chapter 2 The Kiss

    THE kiss. THE KISS!!!

  3. Chapter 3 Parking Lot Confrontations

    Frank confront Gee about the on-stage kiss.


.....Subscribed...That should speak for itself.

This is a great story and I'm looking foward to the next chapter!! Update!
Oh my fuckk,this is just too good. I need an updatee. Sdghjasdbvhjbfhjfbdhsj I LOVE
rayscupcake rayscupcake
I think it's safe to say I'm hyperventilating with adoration over this story, and am in need of more. This is so awesome, man! Can't wait for another chapter!
-V ;)
BatteryXheart BatteryXheart