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Touched by Demons, though I fall into grace.


When Gerard and his wife get killed in a school shooting, Gerard goes to the devil for help. The Devil asks one thing; the souls of 1,000 dirty men in return for Gerard and his wife's life. Gerard agrees, and goes on a killing streak through time. Halfway through, he meets a man named Frank, who is prettier than his ex-wife. Instead of killing Frank, Gerard befriends him, and tries to become his boyfriend.


  1. Lockdown, lights out.

    new book

  2. The devil has visited me, and he is an asshole.

    i wrote half of this in my ela class

  3. Night Terrors.

    dreammoods.com says im in control of my destination in life. coolz

  4. I swing both ways.

    my parents sent me to an asylum in my dream wtf dreammoods.com--

  5. The Rasperries

    i take way too long to update


That sounds interesting. xD

Frankie Boy. Frankie Boy.

@Frankie Boy.
yikes. i never get reoccuring dreams, i just get the same types. like one night i'll build an airplane in a field, the next i'll discover a broken airplane and try to fix it, the next i'll be flying on an airplane over the ocean, its kinda weird

xoxocass xoxocass

I have had a reoccurring dream since I was about seven where I'm somewhere and both of my brother's are locked in some ice boxes, still alive, I'm in a room in handcuffs and there's a man who says he's going to kill me then it flips to me being in the kitchen of my parents old house, I'm there with my mom asking for her help but she never answers me. I usually wake up at that point every time.

Frankie Boy. Frankie Boy.

I was a victim in an unauthorized science experiment where they were trying to merge the human DNA with a chimpanzee's genetic code to make the next super-human.

cKayE cKayE

Whoa. You’re writing has gotten really, really good. Love it

cKayE cKayE