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And One thing Lead To Another


Mikey's brother, Gerard, has been a vampire for the past seven years. He believes he is a bane of his own existence, and although surrounded by friends and loved ones, he's not particularly fond of the idea of a continued existence. Hanuted with a rebelious past, heartbreak and gore, is an old flame going to be able to help him?


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Werewolf. Frank, already having a slight case of hyperactivity, is usually overexcited. Undergoes severe mood swings once closer to full moons. Love's Gerard and is eternally grateful to the Way brothers for their help during his transitions.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Vampire. Frank's partner. Mikey's older brother. Having been a vampire for seven years, Gerard begin's to struggle with his supernatural nature. He's desperately loyal to everyone, sometimes even thought of as too trusting.

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Human. Gerard's protective younger brother who will, at times, put his own well being on the line for Gerard's sake. He tries to help Gerard most he can but knows it's hard for his brother. The rational mind of the three, usually slow to trust people.


  1. Banter To A Falter

    Explanations and how it all began to lead from one thing to another


Wow, thank you! Same here

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Thank you so much

cecke8 cecke8

This is great so far! i can't wait till the next update.

Nice!...I like it!...looking forward to more.