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Taking Back Fun Day


Evelyn Hart wants Fun Ghoul back and will go to any lengths or expense to achieve that goal, but she’s not the only one...


  1. In Trap Number 1 - Fun Ghoul

    Sorby’s plans go without a hitch

  2. The Aftermath is Secondary

    Ghoul meets his captor and what’s happened to the rest of the Killjoys?

  3. Pass the Parcel

    Ghoul is changing hands but it’s not exactly voluntary and Dr Death Defying assesses his patients

  4. Kami gets a shock

    Kami finds out about Ghoul in a shocking way

  5. Escape?

    Ghoul takes an opportunity to escape

  6. I’ve Just Seen a Face

    The guys are already suspicious of Bob (aka Coffin Dancer) but he manages to make it worse for himself

  7. Larry’s Auto Shop

    Ghoul’s torture continues and Kobra makes a new friend

  8. Interrogations and Revelations

    Coffin sees a side of Jet he never expected to and what does Party mean?

  9. Ghoul discovers his fate

    Ghoul finds out what is going to happen to him and Red stakes her claim

  10. Sensory 5

    Ghoul is pushed to breaking point and Dr D tells Red about Party's connection to BLI

  11. Treachery and Terror

    The Killjoys are betrayed and Lindstrom’s serum is finally ready

  12. Look Alive, Sunshine

    Everyone wakes, but with vastly different responses

  13. Time for Explanations

    Coffin Dancer prepares Red for his side of the story, meanwhile, Ghoul wants coffee...

  14. Where did all the fun go?

    Nothing seems to be going to plan

  15. One or two small hitches

    Korse and Ghoul strike a deal and what is Party up to?

  16. Red gets an offer she literally can’t refuse

    Red makes an uneasy truce and the trans am is ready


Hiya!! So glad you enjoyed it. I feel sorry for Ghoul, poor sweet thing but I can’t help myself. But oh, when they find him... (I actually don’t know! Lol!)

Thanks as ever for reading and commenting! There’s a new chapter up - hope you enjoy!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!!
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Hey no worries. New chapter is awesome btw

cKayE cKayE

@Emo Trinity Trash
Yeah :D I just couldn’t resist! It’s not often a good title comes to me but I was pretty happy with this - I love playing with words, names and phrases!

Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

You’re so kind, thank you :) I’m using some of the Christmas break to write another chapter. Shouldn’t be too long now. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

I love the title reference. Taking Back Sunday is a great band.