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I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

|Chapter Three|


I woke up the next morning with a groan. Who the hell decided mornings should be so fucking early?

"Gerard!" I heard Mikey yelling from outside my door.

"Gerard wake up we're going to be late!" He yelled again, this made me sit up quickly.\

I looked over at the time...Fuck. Almost 8. "Give me five minutes Mikes" I called back, standing up and running a hand through my short silver hair. I smirked to myself remembering that freaky emo from yesterday. Today was going to be fun...

"Finally" Mikey complained when I stepped out of my room "Relax Mikey. Class doesn't start till eight twenty" He just rolled his eyes at me and walked out to the kitchen "Want a coffee?" I scoffed at that "What kind of question is that?" I laughed walking in after him.

"Good point" He commented.


Finally stepping outside I breathed in the fresh air. "Oh, By the way." Mikey started, I stopped and turned my attention towards him "Yeah?" I questioned, Lighting my smoke. "Franks back," He said with a small smile.

My expression changed from neutral to shock. "FRANK?!" I shouted Mikey's eyes widened, and before he could say anything I walked off. How dare he come back and not tell me. The nerve of him to come back after leaving me for three years.

I pushed by the kid I saw yesterday, mumbling a "move fag" as I did so. I was absolutely in no mood for anyone now today.

"Hey, Gee. Whats up?" Oliver smiled. "Whoa, what got you so pissed? Was it that new emo fag? I'll kick his teeth in" I rolled my eyes at him "No. My brother informed me that Frank is back" Oliver smirked "Oh yeah... That was that kids name" He laughed "Whatever. I want nothing to do with him. He could have told me he was coming back. He moves, promising to keep in touch and then fucking never speak to me again."

Okay. it was partly my fault too, But he could have dropped a message saying he was coming back.

Oliver went to say something but I cut him off "Whatever, I'm goin to class. See you later."

"Good morning Gerard" Mrs.Thomas smiled "Morning miss" I smiled back, sitting down in my usual seat. The last bell went and that's when that freaky kid walked in. "You're late" Mrs.Thomas spoke "Sorry Miss." The kid huffed, then walked to the back of the class with his head down.

Sitting in the only empty seat. Which happened to be next to mine. The teacher then did roll call.

I never paid attention to it. Until I hear my name.

But today was different. She was going through the names. But then she called out the name that made me nauseous.

"Frank Iero?" My eyes widened. Did I miss him or something?

I heard a bored "Yeah" From beside me and my head snapped toward him and my eyes widened even more... What the actual fuck. Part of me wanted to just jump over an hug him. But at the same time... Fuck him.

"Gerard Way?" Frank had the same reaction to my name as I did his... "Here..." I whispered his body tensed dramatically but not once did he look at me. What a fucking dick.

I sat the rest of class, sneaking glances at him. He didn't seem to concentrate on his work. And when the bell rang he was up and out of the class in a flash.

I walked out a little slower. But sped up when I heard Oliver yell at someone.

Walking fully out I saw him catching up to Frank, sneaking a quick glance back at me.
"So, our little conversation got interrupted yesterday," Oliver said, "See, I know I can't touch Mikey." He stopped and turned to me "His rules" I nodded.

"But you. You freak" He spat, pushing Frank into a set of lockers, I watched as he winced and almost felt bad for him.

I watched as a few more guys surrounded them and started beating him up. That's when the guilt set in... "Don't waste your time on him... He's not worth it." I snapped. Hoping that would get them off him.

"Go slit your wrist, fag," Oliver growled. I felt myself flinch at those words... No one except my Brother knows about my self-harm and its a touchy subject for me. I wouldn't wish it on anyone... Not even Frank...

I was left with a heavy guilt for the rest of the day...


"Gee!" Mikey shouted from down the hall in a panicked tone. I turned to look at him in worry hearing Oliver mumble something "Oliver shut the fuck up about my brother you British cunt." his eyes widened and he shut up.

"Mikey? Whats wrong?" I questioned, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He cried. Now I was confused. "Frank was your best friend. Why are you being a fuck to him?" My face fell "I'll explain later" I mumbled.

He sighed and shook his head "Whatever." Oliver was left laughing. I sighed angerly and shot him a death look. "Fuck... Chill man."

We finally got home, after another run-in with Frank, Ending with Oliver telling him to kill himself.

I really need better friends. I'm never going to get Franks broken look out of my head when Oliver told him I didn't care... It's not that I didn't care... I was just hurt.

But I wanted to make things right. "Mikey" I called from my room "What." He snapped, coming to mydoorway, Obviously still pissed. "Uh... I was thinking since mom and dad are out... we could maybe invite Frank over? For like supper?" I said awkwardly, He squinted at me.

"Why, so you can make him feel evenmore like shit?" I sighed "No... I want to make things right..." He scoffed "Yeah, right. I'll invite him but only because I sincearly miss him." He mumbled, walking away...

God your great at fucking shit up Gerard...



Yeah sure im happy youre posting again. By the way im also @suzy4quinn i had the same problem that i couldnt log in that acc so i made this one

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy

I would love that. Your stories are amazing:)

meh2 meh2

would absolutely love too

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If any of you are still waiting for updates. I'm moving this book to the account I'm on now because I can't get into the old one. So let me know if any of you wanna keep reading!

Party_Ghoul2 Party_Ghoul2

I amlost jumped when i saw you updated im so happy youre back. Im sorry for your loss. I love your story and I cant wait for how it ends. </3

revenge4kiljoy revenge4kiljoy