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Before They Were Fabulous


Meet the guys in their early years. Find out what happened to them as they grew up and how they came together as the notorious Fabulous Killjoys




Youngest member of the medical team in Dr Death Defying’s camp (The Rebel Stars)

Doctor Death Defying

Doctor Death Defying

Doug Lawson

Doug Lawson

Frankie Iero’s BLI Guardian

Edward Hamlin (aka Mole)

Edward Hamlin (aka Mole)

Chief Security Officer for the Way brothers

Exterminator Korse

Exterminator Korse



Physio in Dr Death Defying’s camp

Frankie Iero/Fun Ghoul

Frankie Iero/Fun Ghoul

Gerard Way/Party Poison

Gerard Way/Party Poison



Second PA to the Way brothers



Phlebotomist in Dr Death Defying’s camp

Mikey Way/Kobra Kid

Mikey Way/Kobra Kid



PA to the Way brothers. Doesn’t like Gerard as she believes he is faking loyalty to BLI

Ray Toro/Jet Star

Ray Toro/Jet Star


  1. Dangerous Days

    Meet your first two Killjoys

  2. Introducing Gerard

    Meet our next young ‘not yet a Killjoy’, Gerard, and find out why Frankie’s guardian thinks he’s fancy, famous and rich - and more besides.

  3. It’s an honour

    Gerard is presented with an impossible dilemma and the boy from the desert wakes up

  4. Gerard has an impossible choice

    Gerard must choose between becoming a murderer of so-called traitors or allowing the eager Mikey to give the order.

  5. Petra makes her move

    While Gerard is looking after Frankie, he’s not watching his back

  6. Oh, What a Night

    Gerard learns something about himself and Frankie is finally free

  7. In the Company of Rebels

    BLI’s nightmare comes true, but is everything really as it seems?

  8. The Test is Over

    The rebels make a mistake, calling a swift end to the test of Gerard's loyalty to BLI

  9. Three Days Later

    Petra’s replacement is truly in Korse’s pocket

  10. Coffee and Secrets

    Six months later, things come to a head

  11. Rite of Passage

    Gerard continues to act strangely and Jet makes a serious mistake

  12. Is it hard to stay clean?

    Edward finds someone who can help Gerard, but will he?

  13. The One To Save You

    Will Dr Death Defying agree to help Gerard?

  14. Back on Speaking Terms

    Mikey wins an Oscar and Gerard wakes up

  15. I’ll Let You Down

    There’s a lot of concern for others’ wellbeing but will matters get resolved?

  16. Home is Where the Hurt Is

    The present catches up with Frankie and Gerard meets another member of the Rebel Stars

  17. Anxiety

    Mikey’s anxiety level goes through the roof and is Gerard starting to recover?

  18. The Aftermath is actually kinda the point

    Frankie is terrified and Gerard learns some unpleasant truths

  19. Decision Time

    Gerard makes a decision and Edward faces one

  20. My Way Home is Through You

    Can Edward help Frankie?

  21. Going Home

    Frankie returns home and Gerard sets off from the Rebel Stars’ camp

  22. Chief Exterminator Korse

    Is a promotion on the cards?

  23. Be Ready!

    Everyone has to prepare but for different things

  24. It’s Okay to be Scared

    Everyone confronts their feelings

  25. New Beginnings

    Out of the ashes of the old, everyone is ready for the new, but will it work out for them?

  26. New Beginnings

    Out of the ashes of the old, everyone is ready for the new, but will it work out for them?

  27. Life Lessons

    Will Korse kill Gerard or will something or someone intervene?

  28. Keep Running

    The Ways, Frankie and Edward begin their escape attempt


@Kobra Way
Hi! I will, I promise. The end of uni has been surprisingly crazy and when I haven’t been doing stuff to prepare for graduation, I’ve been asleep!! Making the most of having time to catch up on much needed sleep :D

I’m hoping to start tonight. I had a few lines of TBFD written but I’m having a bit of a block with that one so I’ll switch to this. This is the reason for having more than one on the go.

Anyhoo, I am soooo happy to be graduating. It’s been a long road and I’m ready to get back to working full time again.

Thanks for letting me know it’s you, glad you got back in, even if it’s on a new account.

Take care
Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Hey it's Poison Way. I've had to change my account since I can't login with Tumblr anymore. Hope you'll update soon

Kobra Way Kobra Way

Hope you get a third distinction. Keep it up

Poison Way Poison Way

Damn Gerard, he’s got his wits turned on that’s for sure. Great chapter

cKayE cKayE

@Homosexual Yogurt
Yeah, Edward needs a medal for what he’s doing for them and now he’s even giving up everything! He really believes in Gerard (and we know he’s right to) but it’s still very brave of him!

Thank you for reading and commenting. I love to hear what people like, or even if they don’t like something. It’s as much for the readers as it is for me.

Sas xx

SaskiaK SaskiaK