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So Good


This story.

Gerard Way in 33 years old well so loves Frank Iero in 29 years old what wrong going? And Dove Cameron and Booboo Stewart really? Better also has four. Later Dove and Booboo is musical coach named David Duchovny is a actor, novelist and singers songwriter, David is a one music teacher, he musical instrumental why Gerard and Frank get buy. While Booboo, Gerard and Frank in midnight, Dove and David founds in switching characters of Mal (from Descendants 2) and Fox Mulder (from The X-Files (2016 revival)), Dove and David is denied. Booboo, Gerard and Frank back to training room by Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Cameron Boyce, let's Gerard's house.

Chapters cost 40 and 9 (whole 10 and all 9) characters.


Booboo Stewart

Booboo Stewart

24 years old - Booboo is a actor, so did can your love Dove. (Introduced prologue)

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

18 years old - Cameron is actor, Dove and Booboo's friend finds when his make music. (Introduced chapter 28)

David Duchovny

David Duchovny

57 years old - David is a actor, novelist and singer-songwriter, he is musical coach of Dove and Booboo. He is Fox Mulder from The X-Files (2016 revival). (Introduced chapter 6)

Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron

22 years old - Dove is a actress and singer, with love Booboo. She is Mal from Descendants 2. (Introduced prologue)

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

29 years old - A rhythm guitarist, say do what goes your love Gerard. (Introduced prologue)

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

33 years old - A lead vocalist, what makes do happen with Frank. (Introduced prologue)

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

30 years old - A bassist, Gerard's younger brother, he is friend Ray. (Introduced chapter 28)

Ray Toro

Ray Toro

33 years old - A lead guitarist, he is Mikey's friend. (Introduced chapter 28)

Vampires Mal and Fox Mulder

Vampires Mal and Fox Mulder

Dove as Mal she wears purple strapless dress and golden shoes from Descendants 2 and David as Fox Mulder he wears black pants with silver buckle belt and no shirt (his same outfits episode Babylon) from The X-Files (2016 revival). Both is are vampires, started in chapter 25.


  1. Prologue: Ride (Preformed by Twenty One Pilots)

    Gerard Way and Frank Iero in a house so they with Dove Cameron and Booboo Stewart.

  2. Chapter 1: Sugar We're Going Down (Preformed by Fall Out Boy)

    Gerard and Frank finds new members Dove and Booboo.

  3. Chapter 2: The Middle (Preformed by Jimmy Eat World)

    Gerard, Frank, Dove and Booboo visit in mall, get clumsy.

  4. Chapter 3: That's What You Get (Preformed by Paramore)

    Dove and Booboo's POV: Dove and Booboo trains into room.

  5. Chapter 4: Hallelujah (Preformed by Panic! at the Disco

    Gerard and Frank's POV: Gerard and Frank get jail and back to house.

  6. Chapter 5: Stressed Out (Preformed by Twenty One Pilots)

    Gerard and Frank go back to house and get training room by Dove and Booboo.

  7. Chapter 6: Secrets (Preformed by OneRepublic)

    Dove and Booboo finds is new musical coach named David Duchovny.

  8. Chapter 7: Almost (Preformed by Bowling for Soup)

    Dove and Booboo trains into musical instrumental by David.

  9. Chapter 8: Dear Maria, Count Me In (Preformed by All Time Low)

    Dove and Booboo is done lyrics writer and visit music store.

  10. Chapter 9: Hey There Delilah (Preformed by Plain White T's)

    Dove and Booboo makes first love in school.

  11. Chapter 10: Just the Girl (Preformed by The Click Five)

    Dove and Booboo we have first love.

  12. Chapter 11: Gives You Hell (Preformed by The All-American Rejects)

    Gerard and Frank back to training room by Dove, Booboo and David.

  13. Chapter 12: I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Preformed by Panic! at the Disco)

    Dove and Booboo finds new music genre, later Gerard and Frank back to training room by David.

  14. Chapter 13: Bulls in the Bronx (Preformed by Pierce the Veil)

    Dove, Booboo, Gerard and Frank works music genre with some musical instrumental.

  15. Chapter 14: Shut Up and Dance (Preformed by Walk the Moon)

    Dove, Booboo, Gerard and Frank let's getting party started!

  16. Chapter 15: I'm Just a Kid (Preformed by Simple Plan)

    Dove, Booboo, Gerard, Frank and David finds music genre died out.

  17. Chapter 16: The Great Escape (Preformed by Boys Like Girls)

    Dove and Booboo's POV: Dove and Booboo get some a music genre.

  18. Chapter 17: Centuries (Preformed by Fall Out Boy)

    Dove and Booboo's POV again plus Black Mirror style: Dove and Booboo finds into musical instrumental and music genre in robotic music store.

  19. Chapter 18: Dirty Little Secret (Preformed by The All-American Rejects)

    Gerard, Frank and David's POV: Gerard, Frank and David while visit robotic music store and them go to robotic store.

  20. Chapter 19: Don't Stop (Preformed by 5 Seconds of Summer)

    Dove and Booboo eats my food and Gerard, Frank and David visit robotic store.

  21. Chapter 20: This Is Gospel (Preformed by Panic! at the Disco)

    Dove and David's POV: Dove and David back to robotic music store and also get destroyed robot.

  22. Chapter 21: Happy Birthday (Preformed by The Click Five)

    Booboo, Gerard and Frank's POV: Gerard's birthday celebrates Booboo and Frank so very much.

  23. Chapter 22: Backseat Serenade (Preformed by All Time Low)

    Gerard's POV: Gerard he is birthday and their fans and visit music store again.

  24. Chapter 23: Hey Everybody! (Preformed by 5 Seconds of Summer)

    Booboo and Frank's POV: Booboo and Frank finds visit music store for Gerard's fans.

  25. Chapter 24: Irresistible (Preformed by Fall Out Boy)

    Booboo, Frank and Gerard's POV again: Booboo and Frank finds Gerard in the house.

  26. Chapter 25: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me" (Preformed by Fall Out Boy again)

    Booboo, Gerard and Frank are messed Dove and David, finds in into vampires!

  27. Chapter 26: Somewhere in Neverland (Preformed by All Time Low)

    Booboo, Gerard and Frank get scared Mal and Mulder, said when fake Neverland.

  28. Chapter 27: Ocean Avenue (Preformed by Yellowcard)

    Mal and Mulder finds Booboo, Gerard and Frank into bridge.

  29. Chapter 28: Ready to Go [Get Me Out of My Mind] (Preformed by Panic! at the Disco)

    Booboo, Gerard and Frank back to training room, while Mal and Mulder in Gerard's house, then Booboo, Booboo, Gerard and Frank gets Mikey Way, Ray Toro and new member Cameron Boyce.

  30. Chapter 29: The Anthem (Preformed by Good Charlotte)

    Booboo, Gerard and Frank back to Gerard's house, when Mikey, Ray and Cameron visit in Gerard's house, and Dove is back.

  31. Chapter 30: Crushcrushcrush (Preformed by Paramore)

    Dove, Booboo, Cameron and David's POV: Dove, Booboo and Cameron stayed Gerard's house, when David's returns and visit Gerard's house.

  32. Chapter 31: Victorious (Preformed by Panic! at the Disco)

    All eight finds in return to robotic music store.

  33. Chapter 32: In Too Deep (Preformed by Sum 41)

    All members when go to robotic music store, while return music store robots.

  34. Chapter 33: American Idiot (Preformed by Green Day)

    All members fights when music customer robots in robotic music store.

  35. Chapter 34: All The Small Things (Preformed by Blink-182)

    All members makes happy, but Dove and Booboo when go home to Dove's house.

  36. Chapter 35: Untitled (Preformed by Simple Plan)

    Dove and Booboo: POV: Booboo when visit Dove's house, but Dove makes love with Booboo.

  37. Chapter 36: What Do You Want From Me (Preformed by Forever The Sickest Kids)

    All members gets finds out forget in musical instrumental and music genre.

  38. Chapter 37: Burnin' Up (Preformed by Jonas Brothers)

    Booboo, Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Cameron's POV: Guys returns robotic music store when get musical instrumental and music genre.

  39. Chapter 38: Pressure (Preformed by Paramore)

    Dove and David's POV: Dove and David when back to Gerard's house said get your musical instrumental and music genre.

  40. Chapter 39: Year 3000 (Preformed by Busted)

    Booboo, Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Cameron's POV again: Guys stays robotic music store finds musical instrumental and music genre, watch out music customer robots!

  41. Chapter 40: Thnks fr th Mmrs (Performed by Fall Out Boy)

    All members fight them Mal and Mulder for Dove and David and music customer robots for Booboo, Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Cameron.

  42. Epilogue: Perfectly Perfect (Preformed by Simple Plan)

    All members says goodbye, while Dove and Booboo make your love.

  43. SEQUEL

    See new story.


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