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Hate Is A Strong Word Baby


Bob and Ray were holding me up, anger evident on their faces. It was constant, it was constant the punches that were being thrown at me. I was being held up by the hair, and they were beating me like a punching bag. It hurt so, so much. I couldn't hear anything but the ringing in my ears.

"Stop. You don't wanna have to carry his dead body out of here do you? Drop the little fag, alright?" I heard someone say, and I have no idea why I could only hear that. It was Gerard. Why would he do that?

"Haha, fine." They dropped me to the ground in two seconds flat. I whimpered as my weak body hit the floor, and everything just blacked out.


I woke up in a blinding light, it hurt my head almost like the school lights. I attempted sitting up, but as soon as my stomach moved, I ended up screaming.

"Hey! Be quiet." I heard someone beside me practically shout. There was Gerard sitting across from me, his head in his hands. He looked stressed, and I couldn't quite place why or how he was. I sighed, and looked away. What is he doing here? He probably has to! I mean, Gerard Way doesn't care for me.

"Why are you here?" I ask to myself. I slap a hand over my mouth, and look at Gerard. He glared at me, and I swore he had growled.

"My mother, and the school. You know, you have to be responsible for your actions? I didn't put you in here, and now I am forced to be here. So just, shut the fuck up fag." It hurt, it really did. I mean, his tone of voice, the way he looks at me like he is disgusted, and the fact that he didn't want to be here.

I nod, and look away from him. I settle back down, and whine. My entire body hurt, and my stomach hurt from not eating. I hear a door open and close, and I jump a little. I looked over to where Gerard was sitting, and he wasn't there. The seat was empty, like my fucking heart felt.

My mother died when I was just a baby, and my father left because, well he really hated me. I am living with... myself. I have no one to live with. I am pretty much in between housing all of the time. I don't even know where I am staying tonight. Apparently Mikey wants me over. I kind of need to tell him I have no where to live. As of last night, I slept in the abandoned girls changerooms.

"I hate my fucking life." I say about ten minutes later, sighing at the clock. Is Gerard even coming back, or does he fucking hate me? Does he really hate me that much? What did I do to him?

Gerards POV

I left the room after awhile, thinking Frank was hungry. The nurses office was so fucking stuffy, and Franks muffled whines were driving me insane. I made my way out of the school, and I walked to my car. I had a beautiful Trans-Am. I loved it's color.

The engine purred to life, and I was calm again. No worries, no anything.

When I got the food, I had ran into Mikey who was supposed to be in school.

"So how is Frank doing? Have you heard anything?" I shake my head and laugh at my brothers worry.

"Dude, he just passed out. He is fine, and just a little sore. How do you know this kid anyway?" Mikey glared at me,

"In all of the years you have completely ignored me, you couldn't even remember my best friend? Wait, does he know you are my brother??" I shake my head,

"I don't think so...."

"Fuck. Well, I will be damned. He is staying the night tonight.... so stay the fuck away from him you jerk. You may not lay a fucking fingernail on him. Got it?" I nod quickly, and I headed back to my car.

I was just around the nurses office, when I heard the kid inside whine out,

"I hate my fucking life." It hurt me a lot to even hear that out of Frank's mouth, and I opened the door. I knew I needed to at least give him food and a coffee. I mean, it kind of WAS my fault.

"Hey, I brought food fuckface." Frank looked at me, and sat up slowly.

"Thanks." He grabbed the sandwich, I think it was a BLT... He looked at it and raised his brow.

"I am, I hate to whine or anything, but I am a vegetarian." I grabbed my Long John and traded him. He smiled a small smile.

"No, don't let it go to your heart fucker. I just, I don't want to sacrifice someones beliefs. People don't have enough beliefs these days." my voice was low, and I couldn't quite figure out why I felt like that. I didn't know why I would even care for others. Let alone Frank.


Yupp, pretty shitty. Comments?


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