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Five Beautiful Boys


When his boss goes into the hospital, Gerard has to cancel his vacation just as Mikey comes to stay. He thinks his week can't get much worse. Enter Frank Iero, bank robber...


Bob Bryar.

Bob Bryar.

Ex-army bomb tech and explosives expert. The third member of Frank's gang. and the 'muscle'

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Bank robber and leader of 3 apparently unstoppable thieves. He's got it bad for his hostage :P

Gary Clarke

Gary Clarke

Army buddy of Bob's - supplies stolen arms, explosives and tech

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Assistant bank manager. Hates his job, loves his brother

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Lawyer, moved to Chicago a few years earlier. He's just split up with his girlfriend and staying with his brother in New Jersey while it blows over

Ray Toro

Ray Toro

Computer programming genius and one of Frank's gang. Is there nothing he can't hack into?


  1. Chapter 1

    Gerard meets Frank

  2. Chapter 2

    Frank makes his demands

  3. Chapter 3

    Frank introduces himself to Mikey

  4. Chapter 4

    The plan gets under way

  5. Chapter 5

    "Why do I get the feeling that, deep down, you're not actually a bad man?"

  6. Chapter 6

    "Are you hitting on me?"

  7. Chapter 7

    Is anyone only good or bad?

  8. Chapter 8

    Mikey and Frank talk some more

  9. Chapter 9

    Frank collects the codes from Gerard

  10. Chapter 10

    An unexpected hitch

  11. Chapter 11

    Bad news for Gerard and Mikey

  12. Chapter 12

    A daring rescue attempt

  13. Chapter 13

    Mikey gains an unexpected new perspective

  14. Chapter 14

    Ray Toro - Moment Killer!

  15. Chapter 15

    Look at all the confusion you've caused, Mikey...

  16. Chapter 16

    Frank's not the only one with plans

  17. Chapter 17

    Things go to plan... but who's?

  18. Mikey Makes a Startling Announcement

    Not everything is what it seems and everyone learns this in different ways

  19. Escape?

    Hiding in the vault bunker - can they escape?

  20. Is this the end?

    So, last chapter - will the guys escape or be arrested?


Aww, what, not even a bit adorable? :D Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it! Sas xo

SaskiaK SaskiaK

Ok so Frank is a bitch and your story is amazing <3

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