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Obsessions of an Iero

ok so lets talk psychosis

but i couldn't remember the dream so i just fixed the problem and went to school quickly feeding my dogs and biking to school in hopes of gerard noticing me.
so when i got there it started to drizzle a bit so me and my friends sat under a tree only getting hit a couple times with water.
we talked about song names and different chords and beats.
tim pulled out a guitar that he's been holding for me and handed it to me i played out a couple of chords that i've been keeping in mind and handed Shain and Neal the lyrics
They nodded and questioned a bit more.
we eventually made it inside and i happened to stumble upon a very odd scene.
right there next to the bathroom entrance was gerard and some other dude standing. gerard was bright red and the other guy was looking like a sly little bastard.
i looked around the secluded hallways just realizing i was late to class.
I silently cursed to myself taking remembrance that i've never been late to class.
"Gerard i miss you" the guy practically moaned out i almost died while hiding myself behind a trash can.
gerard squeaked out an answer "look ryan i'm over you"
suddenly ryan pulled him into a kiss putting his hands around gerards head and waist holding him in place as gerard turned pink and tried to struggle away. finally gerard kissed back and i fell over with a squeak they saw me and immediately pulled away from each other looking flustered i got up and ditched all of the stuff my backpack had to shit out.


Hello I just needed a short filler cause i have like fourteen other stories im kinda helping run or im actually running.
bleh and i honestly kinda don't like when people use excuses constantly lol and i have six stories in the process of being made lol so i'm slacking off!
but feel free to check any other stories of mine!!!
anyways i've been super obsessed with psychosis because my doctor said i have acute psychosis (i think he's wrong)
so like yeaaaaahhhhh
i have a very obsessive personality and stuff
so ill be on this topic for a looooong time


Don't worry chapters on the way right after I stop being a dipshit pussy and help out Love is a Four Letter Colour.


No problem and I've been a subscriber

yahaboo yahaboo

Thanks XD

Love it!

Ay3_its_Frank Ay3_its_Frank