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Baby sitting the Way Ieros. Umbrella Girl & Goat


TWO WEEKS BEFORE MID WEEK SEMESTER COOPER. Okay, so let me explain my problem. Mid Week Semester Cooper is what the teens in our school called the week were we could skip all week long’s worth of school and not get marked absent. Our parents wouldn’t know we skipped school and the government or whoever won’t know we’re absent.
Of course everything comes at a price.
The vice principle of our school is named Mrs. Cooper. She offers this every year to all the 8th-12th graders in secret. So now I have to make four hundred fifty dollars in less than two weeks. I’m barely making four dollars an hour scrubbing toilets in McDonalds! I’ve heard you’re supposed to get payed more than that but everytime I ask my boss he yells at me! He’s a cheap ass.
Google, how much should I get payed for minimum wage in McDonalds?
Ok ok ok so I just called my boss and told him I quit.
Damn I should’ve Googled that last week when I started working there.
Ok so now I have an even bigger problem! Now I have NO JOB WHAT SO EVER, and I have two weeks to make $450!
*sigh* I need friends.
I’m just going to listen to some Frank Iero or Gerard Way.


226 words



it's okay, i know its hard to write fics, take as much time as you need to write :)

Omgee thanks sosososo much im trying to update everything asap
Thanks for not pitchforking me ♥♡

UmbrellaGirl UmbrellaGirl

this is really good!please update soon!