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Pronouns: them/they
I'm 14 my birthday is MARCH 22 *tear falls from eye*
I like bands and fucking love my chem (well duh) i met don broco at slam dunk festival 2015
I love saying 'I'm as straight as a semi-circle' and 'your as straight as Gerard Way' (if you didn't guess from the first one im bisexual)
I turned my best friend gay by showing him hot pics of my chem and sending him gay frerard smut.
I'm British (britian sucks as much as frank sucks gee (; see what i did there)
So stereotypical but i love tea
Skittles and monster energy are what keep me awake through school
School sucks assmuch as britian all together
I wish i had gerards butt, franks legs, and lyn-z's hair
I'm a merch slut
I love to read fan fiction and fail in school due to fantasizing about frerard fanfiction
I dye my hair so much i get told "it's gunna Fall Out Boy"
I'm the same height as Frank Iero (5'6)

yeah thats about it...

Insta: nerise_ieroway_xoxo
Twitter: Bandchick01
tumbler: xofrnks-devilangel-xoxo
wattpad: nerise_ieroway_xoxo
kik: nerise_ieroway_xoxo