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Sometimes I Think I'll Die Alone

I'd Do Anything

I decided I wouldn’t bring up the kiss to Frank. I guess that would cause more problems than it would solve... right? Anyway. Today was Wednesday. The tenth. Of September. If you’re good, you’ll know this is Mikey’s birthday. So, naturally, I got him the best present ever. Because he was 18 today.

As usual, I was woken up by loud, rapid tapping on my bedroom door. No prizes for guessing who it was.

“HEY. GUESS WHO’S 18 TODAY BITCH!” He rammed on my door.

I groaned and got up out of bed, opening the door to my dog-haired best friend, who had the biggest grin on his face. Seriously. It was creepy.

He bundled me into a hug and jumped us up and down, clearly hyped up. When he pulled away, the first thing he said was, “Can I have my present now??” Impatient little bugger.

“No. No you cannot.” He pouted and whined,

“Ughhhh, why not?” He folded his arms and I sighed, smiling.

“Because. You’ll have to wait until before tonight’s show until you can have it.” I smiled cheekily.

He moaned, “At least tell me what it is?”

I chuckled and walked over to Fred’s cage, “No, where’s the fun in that?”

He sat on my bed and threw a pillow at me, “Come on! It’s my birthday.” He frowned.

I threw the pillow back in mock aggression and put Fred’s food out for him, throwing a treat in with it, “Yes. It is. And for your birthday I have got you the most kick-ass present ever. And you’re gonna love it. So quit complaining, child.”

He huffed and I sat next to him, pulling him into a side hug, “It’ll be much better if I give it to you later, promise.”

He gave up and hugged me back, “Hmm, okay. It better be.” He grinned, “Now get dressed, I’ma go get a PopTart.” He hopped up and skipped down the stairs.

I shook my head, dear fuck I love that boy. I did as he told me and got changed into ripped skinnys, Mikey’s old Anthrax T-shirt and red Converse. Went through the normal morning routine and joined him down in the kitchen.

I hit him with my bag and ran towards the door when I saw the expression on his face. Before I got there he’d grabbed me round the waist and swung me through the air, tackling me to the ground. I giggled as he tickled me, trying to catch my breath while he straddled my waist. My mum then cleared her throat and Mikey jumped up off of me, regaining composure. She chuckled and walked back upstairs.

I giggled and hit his arm, “Come on, Mikes.” And we both headed out the door to start another shitty day at school.

* * *

We both bundled through the Way’s front door, giggling like fools. Problem was, we didn’t actually know why... Well, on the way walking home, Mikey saw a bunny... He started hopping down the pavement... Like a bunny. And somehow, that one little bunny started a laughing fit between the two of us. That and Harrison fell in the lake on the way home. That was classic.

Everyone in the living room was just staring at us. As well as one person who was NOT a member of the Way family or one of my friends. Frank. Mmhmm, him. I immediately stopped laughing when I saw him looking at me, and I hid my face behind my fringe.

Mikey sensed this and took my arm, leading me into the kitchen, “Come on, Blue.” He mumbled.

I saw Frank sigh and slouch out of my peripheral vision. I shrugged it off momentarily and followed Mikey.

I leaned against the counter as Mikey handed me a Mountain Dew. Love that boy.

He opened his and spoke, “You okay?”

I nodded my head, “Sure... Why not?” He looked skeptically at me. “Anyway. Do you want your present now or not?”

He grinned and clapped his hands, “Yes, yes, yes!” Oh dear, boy...

Alright... Well I asked your mum to put it in your room this morning so I wouldn’t have to go back home and carry it after schoo-”

I wasn’t even able to finish because that mop-haired boy had bounded up the stars. I laughed and followed him. I entered his room to see him ripping the paper off this big, rectangular-shaped box.

I kneeled beside him and watched him, smiling. He looked like a little kid at Christmas. As soon as he’d battled with the box itself, I saw his smile turn into a full on Cheshire grin. His eyes even welled up...

“Oh my God...” Mikey was staring, speechless at a sunburst Fender Jazz bass guitar. The one he’d always wanted.

“So... do you li-” I was cut off by Mikey wrapping me in the biggest hug known to man. I loved the fact he had liked my present.

After about five minutes he pulled back and held my shoulders, “You. You are just amazing, Blue.”

I paused, “Am I?”

He smiled, “Yeah. I mentioned this once, saying how it would be so so incredible to own one of these, but that I would never be able to afford it. I even mentioned the colour I wanted. And you remembered. When it was, what? Four years ago? And you fucking remembered.” I saw how much it meant to him in his eyes.

“Well it was a special present for your eighteenth... I wasn’t just gonna get you a card now, was I?”

He smiled, “I know.. But this is just... amazing...”

I touched the side of his face, “Mikey... You’re my best friend, I’d do absolutely anything for you.”

He leaned in and hugged me tightly, not letting go for a good four or five minutes until I spoke, “Do you think we should go and see the others now?”

He pulled back and nodded, still smiling. Mikey stood up and gave me his hand, pulling me up with him.

* * *

Frank’s P.O.V.

Okay... The main reason I came here was so I could see Grey again. I’ll freely admit that. She finally came back down the stairs with Mikey, both looking extremely happy. Do I even want to know what went on up there?

“So, Mikes. What did she get you?” Ray said with a wink. I kind of wanted to punch that smirk off his face. But I decided against it.

Grey frowned, but Mikey spoke, “Dude. That’s just wrong. She actually got me a Fender Jazz! It’s beautiful.” He hugged her waist, smiling. She smiled back. I wish she would look at me like that...

Gerard laughed, “Woah! That must have set you back a bit, Blue.” Why does everyone call her Blue..?

She smiled, “A bit... But it’s my man’s eighteenth, it had to be done.” Her man...

“You don’t own me, baby.’ Mikey smirked. Grrr.

She smiled and sat down on the chair opposite me, “That’s what you think, sexy.” She winked at him. She winked at him. What?

Miley huffed and sat on the floor between her feet. Damn. I wasn’t 100% sure of what was going on here... Well, I’ll find out soon. Tonight if I can...

I’d do anything just to hold you in my arms, to try to make you laugh. Cos somehow I can't put you in the past.


Hai there Frankie...

Title Credit: Simple Plan


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

Lolly Lolly

Please update soon. :)

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Update pleaseeee ^~^

This is a great story. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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