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Sometimes I Think I'll Die Alone

Welcome to the Family

So... I guess I should start by saying ‘Hi’. Well... Hi. I’m Grey, *Shakes hand*. Grey Blue Caverly to be precise. Yes... I have two colours in my name, which is why I don’t tend to tell people my middle name... I don’t want to get bullied as well as being an outcast. I’m not that stupid. Anyway, like I said, I’m Grey. I live in Belleville, New Jersey, but I was born and lived in Enfield, England up until I was 10. Yes, it sucked moving, but the move was necessary...

And it brought me to the best friend I could have ever asked for. Mikey Way. He’s a complete and utter dork, he has thick, square-type glasses, his hair is big and dog-like and he hardly talks... But, you see, this is why I love Mikey. He gets bullied though, now that his brother isn’t at school anymore. Gerard. That’s his brother, Gerard. He’s four years older than Mikey, but I’ve never seen a better bromance that that between those two, it’s sweet. The two have a band with my other two friends... Yes, I only have four friends... That’s cool... Anyway. The band. They called it My Chemical Romance. My second favourite band... Well, as much as I love them, I have to listen to different music too, don’t I? So, there’s Ray Toro, the guitarist, my favourite mop-haired, curly afro, head banging person in the world. Then there’s Bob Bryar, the best kick-ass drummer on this whole fucking planet. He hardly talks, but that’s cool, he’s still one of my best friends. So yeah, those are the four most important people in my life... besides Fred. Even though he’s not a person... Oh, well, you’ll find out who Fred is soon enough...

* * *

*Knock knock* “Blue! Get your ass up out of bed now!” It was Mikey. I was late for school, yet again. And it was only the second day of the year. I groaned and rolled over, getting up out of bed. I opened the door just wearing an oversized t-shirt and my underwear... Well, he was my best friend, I never felt embarrassed around him.

“Blue! You’re late again... Um...” Mikey trailed off when he realised what I was wearing. Hey, I said I never got embarrassed around Mikey... I never said the same about him.

I sighed and looked at the tall, shy boy in front of me, “Mikes. Get used to it already, will you? You wake me up in the morning, what do you expect?” I smirked at him and sat on my bed. I wasn’t this comfortable around anyone else in the world... Mikey was the only person I trusted.

He coughed awkwardly, “Yeah... Okay... But come on Blue, we got like 10 minutes to get to school. Get changed. Now.” He threw a pair of jeans at me and walked downstairs, mot likely to get himself a PopTart.

I laughed, that boy was so awkward, it’s cute. I have no interest in him like that, but he’s my best friend and I have permission to tease him about anything and everything, as much as I love him. Besides, I’m his best friend, he’s gotta get used to my half-nakedness sometime soon...

After I pulled on my pair of dark blue skinny jeans, Simple Plan t-shirt and black Converse, put on my eyeliner and brushed through my blonde and blue hair, I hopped downstairs to greet Mikey properly, popping up behind him and hugging his waist,

“Mornin’ Mikes!” I giggled as he choked on his PopTart and patted his back. “Sorry...”

He coughed again then chuckled, “Its okay Blue, so, you ready to go?” I nodded and grabbed my bag, putting it over my head and onto my shoulder, bounding towards the door.

Mikey giggled, “Where’s all this energy come from, Blue? You’re never this... Happy...” As we walked out the door, I grabbed Mikey’s arm and linked it with mine as we walked to school.

“I’m not happy, Mikes, don’t suggest such stupid things... I’m just excited for your show tonight with the guys!” I jumped up and down excitedly and Mikey blushed. The guys’ band was playing at The Loop Lounge tonight and it was going to be their first show. Of course, there was going to be another band there too, but I was more excited about seeing my guys play live.

He laughed awkwardly, “Yeah... I’m kinda nervous about that...”

I hugged his arm tight, “Baby, you are the best damn bass player I’ve ever seen, you’ll be great!” Yes... I call my best friend ‘baby’. Get over it.

He put his head on mine, “Oh, I was supposed to ask you something... But I don’t know if you’d want to... It’s just that it was Gerard’s idea and we really need it, it would be a great addition, but I guess it’s kinda short notice and we didn’t really-” He was rambling.

I cut him off, “Mikey. What is it man?”

He scratched the back of his head awkwardly, “Gerard wanted me to ask if you would play with us in some live shows...”

I stopped and looked at him. I mean, I play guitar. I’m not gonna lie, I play it well. And I’d practiced with the guys in Ray’s garage many times, just for fun... I knew all the songs like the back of my hand. But I’d never played in front of people. “Uhh, Mikes... I don’t-” I started.

“It’s fine. We thought it was a long shot... But it’s cool...” Mikey started walking again.

I stopped him, “Wait, Mikes... I guess... If you really need it... I was just gonna say that I can’t say I’ll be great... I’ve never played in front of anyone.” I looked at the ground nervously.

Then I was crumpled in a bone-crushing hug. When I was released I looked up to see a beaming Mikey looking down at me. “Oh my god! Thank you Blue! Don’t worry, I promise you’ll be great!” He hugged me again and I smiled in return.

“Uh, Mikes? We kinda, really need to get going now.” I smiled.

He looked at his watch, “Oh, fuck, yeah, come on.” He grinned and linked our arms once again.

Well... Tonight would be fun... “Wait, Mikey? Why exactly do you need me to do this anyway?” I wasn’t complaining, just wondering.

Mikey smiled again. Hmm... Give a boy what he wants, he’ll smile for a millennium... Well, until he wants something else. “Because you’re a fucking awesome guitar player!” I frowned at him. “Okay, well, we all know how you want to be in a band of your own, so that’s why we didn’t ask you to be in the band permanently, but while we really need a second guitarist, and we’re playing shows right now, we thought it would be a really good idea to ask you to help us out with those right now.”

I smirked, “And I’m a fucking awesome guitar player.” He giggled. Man, for an 18 year old, he sure does giggle like a seven year old girl... “But I’m flattered you guys asked me. And I’d love to! I love playing with you guys, and I’d love to help you out. I just plain love you!” I hugged him round his waist as we walked up to our school; Belleville High. Also known as; Hell.

“Hey! Fag!” Our hug was interrupted by the school douche-bag, Harrison, shouting at Mikey. Ugh, I’d really had enough of these bastards picking on Mikey. Well... He is my best friend...

“Hey, fuck off Harrison, you intolerable pig!” He turned to face me as I yelled to him. Mikey gripped my arm.

He walked towards me and Mikey, “Oh, so the emo-fag has a girlfriend, does he?” He sneered.

“I repeat. Fuck off Harrison.” I stared him down as he got more and more frustrated.

He started to walk away, “Oh, you’ll get what’s coming to you, emo girl.”

I turned to Mikey and sighed as he looked sadly at me. I grabbed his arm and we walked in through the school doors.

This year is going to be Hell. Just like the rest. And I welcome it with open arms.

It won't be long before you meet your end, you're nothing more than a passing trend.


Hey there! Now, this story was orignially posted on Mibba a little while ago, so there's quite a few chapters, but I can't promise fast updates... I'm working on several other fics at the same time, and it's hard to find inspiration for yet another one. I will try though, because I love this story, it was my first proper one, my baby :')
So yeah, I hope you enjoy it :)

Oh, and I can't post a story without a regular picture of whoever it concerns... So here's a lovely picture of Frankie :)

Title credit: A Day To Remember


Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update! :D

Lolly Lolly

Please update soon. :)

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Update pleaseeee ^~^

This is a great story. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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