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A Killjoy Story


Party and Ghoul left his get away and reentered the diner. When Charlie saw Ghoul she rused out over and enveloped him in a hug.
"I was so worried about you" She whispeared in his ear.
Then released him and ran into Mikey's arms and smiled up at him. She had grown attached to him. He was quiet and understanding. he also didn't pry about he life before. She then looked from Ghoul to Party and then back to ghoul and smirked at him. Ghoul went slightly red again and shook his head. Charlie frowned and then walked away with the rest of the guys.
"What was that all about?" Party asked him
"I think Kobra got himslef a girlfriend" Ghoul answered still a little red
"NO not that you and charlie's secert convorsation" Ghoul remained silent
"Ghoul do you...ummm....like her?" Party asked a small hint of sadness
"NO no i love her like a sister. She has always been there for me these past few days. that's all" Ghoul smiled at him and took his hand and led him to the kitchen. There they had a great meal and for once everyone had a smile. that night Jet fell asleep with a bottle of alchohol. Kobra and Charlie curled up on a couch togeather fast asleep. Party and ghoul were still awake and they were just having pleasant convorsation.

"What song was that?" Party asked in a low voice
"Ummm I'm not sure it may be something I remember all I know is that it is perfect for the world today." ghoul replied
"Do you know who the song was about?" Party asks with his head down
"Not who it was about but who it is about now" Ghoul answered it
"You gonna tell me?" Party looked him in the eye
"If I do will you treat me the same?" Ghoul looked up at him with worry written across his face
" I guess"
"Now the song is about you. Even in this dried up world you are the most beautiful tumbleweed" He kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the diner
Party just sat there taking in the convorsation. He always liked Ghoul since they rescued him and he loved him. but the shock of hearing that he liked him to. It only took him 30 seconds to process before he hopped out side and after Ghoul. He noticed the car was gone and Ghoul had dissapeared. The only thought that was slowly trudging through his head was why did he leave?


@Fun Ghoul
No big deal. I love it though.
JackofTrades JackofTrades
thanks so much u probably stopped reading because sometimes i only update half a chapter
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul
I remember beginning to read this one and then stopping for some reason... Either way, I'm picking it back up. There are a few mistakes, but it's still completely understandable. I love this. I honestly do. I love the idea of one girl saving the Fabulous Killjoys. You execute it so much better than I do though. Keep up the good work!
JackofTrades JackofTrades
@Fun Ghoul
Other than that, it is a great story. Good promt. Kudo's doll.
Mirror_Mayhem Mirror_Mayhem
Thanks ill fix it
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul