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A Killjoy Story

Chap 4

Charlie’s POV

I was following the boys and I turned on the radio. All it had on was BL/ind music. In other words music that sounded like shit. I have a feeling that if music had survived and not just art that BL/ind might be stopped or might not have taken over the world at all. We arrived at a small diner, but the n and r were out it said die. Ghoul was carrying in Party and Jet was trying to open the door while Kobra came over to me.

“Need any help?” Kobra asked

I threw two bags at him and grabbed one my self

“Do you have anyway to hide your car?” He asked with a bit of authority in his voice

I hit a button and reflectors appeared. Making the car look pretty invisible. I smiled at Kobra with his dropped jaw. I walked past him, grabbed my bags from him,and up to Jetstar. He was staring me down like I was a threat. I don’t blame him. But really BL/ind is stupid they would never be able to come up with a plan of infiltrating a killjoy team. I walked in the door and followed Fun Ghoul down a secret door and to a room where he laid Party down. Down the hall a bit I dropped two bags and carried one to the room.

“Can you save him? He means a lot to me” GHoul asked me
“Ghoul I want you to take a deep breath and wait outside” I told him in a calming voice
“Oh okay” He said apprehensivly

Ghoul left and I opened one of my bags. Sadly it was the wrong bag. This one was filled with guns. I left the room and closed the door and looked at Ghoul and turned down the hallways. I dropped my bag and grabbed the right one. When I made it back to the room I found the door open and Ghoul kneeling next to Party’s bed.

“Please don’t leave me Party. I don’t know what I will do without you. You saved me and I want to save you. I guess it’s because…. Because…” He stuttered
“Because you love him” I replied

I entered the room and Ghoul was staring at me.

“Do you want to help?” I asked with a caring smile

All Ghoul could do was nod. I walked over to him and gestured for him to lift up Party’s shirt. The wound is deep. I take Ghouls hand and place it on Party. His face turns red and I have him apply pressure. Then I start cleaning the wound. Ghoul looked a little queasy.

“If it is to much you can wait outside with the door open a crack, if you want?” I offered since it looked like he was about to puke

Ghoul just looks at me. Like I was trying to take away his toy.

“I won’t let him leave you.” I tell him

I smiled at him and he nodded.

“Thank you Charlie” He said and smiled

He left and I finished the job. I walked out of the room and grabbed Ghoul’s hand.

“Come on. It’s not good for you to worry that much. Let get something to eat” I tell him
“ We don’t have anything to eat. They had to rescue me instead of getting dinner tonight” He says and looks at the floor
“Well I think I can help out” I say with a smirk

We walked down to my other bags and grabbed them.

“Where is everyone else?” I ask him with a smile

He turned and I followed him until I found them in a make shift kitchen.

“Oh hey is everything all right?” Kobra asks with a worried expression
“Yeah everything is fine. He is sleeping now.” I tell him and he relaxes
“Great now we were trying to find you something to eat. But we appear to have no food” He says with a shy shrug

I gave Ghoul a bag and he opened it on a make shift counter. He eyes widened.

“Where did you get this?” Ghoul gasped

When he said that Jetstar and Kobra ran over. When they saw they stared at me.

“Some killjoys, I traveled a bit, Oh and stealing from BL/ind” I tell them with a smirk and small laugh

They emptied out the bag and started talking to see what they should have.

“Guys just eat whatever you want. Kobra you have seen my place I have plenty.” I tell them encouragly

I grabbed some things for Party and out them aside.

“Now eat what ever you want just don’t eat to much at once.” I tell them and they smile

I noticed Ghoul grabbed an apple and some sandwiches and sat in a corner.

“Do the other guys know?” I aksed him with a comforting smile
“No and please don’t mention it” I asks me with pleading eyes
“I won’t. Why are you all by your self?” I asked him
“Well I’m not….. Don’t really…. I always seem to….” He stutters trying to figure out what to say
“Well you not really liked. You really don’t do anything around here. And you always seem to cause more trouble then you help.” I say and look down at the ground
“Yeah how did you know?” He asks
“I guessed” I tell him which isn't a complete lie
“Well what happened to your family?” He asked as he took a bite of his apple
“Umm they were… I’m not sure” I tell him

That wasn’t a complete lie since I didn’t know. I ran before I saw anything.

“Let’s go check on Party” I tell him

I grabbed the food for Party and grabbed Ghoul’s hand. He followed me.

“How old were you when Bl/ind came? Why don’t you know anything about your family? Who were your parents?” He started asking as if I was being interrogated

As much as I wanted to help Ghoul this interrogation was annoying. We opened the door and Party was awake.

Party’s POV

I woke up and my side ached. I saw bloody rags and medicine. Then the door opened and I saw a girl walk in with food and Fun Ghoul on her tail. She looked a little annoyed with him. But smiled when she saw me awake.

“ Oh good you’re awake. Now anything hurt?” a girl asks me
“Umm not a lot just my side” I reply with a smile
“Oh party I was so worried. I thought you weren’t gonna make it.” he grabbed my hand and tears welled up in his eyes
“Okay now ghoul. I need you to leave. You can wait right outside the door if you want” The girl ushered him out

Ghoul looked at me to see what I wanted him to do. I nodded and he left. She grabbed some bandages and medicine. She pulled the covers down to just below my waist. She lifted my shirt just enough to see the hole. When I saw it I gasped.

“Yeah you got hit good. Now this might sting a little so just talk to me. Tell me about what you remember about yourself.” She practically orders me
“Well my name is Party poison. I am a killjoy. I don’t remember anything about my family. In fact none of us do. We were all on the pill too long when we escaped. We all came from battery city. I think we all grew up there. Other then that it is all one big mess. What ab-ouch-out you?” I tell her
“Umm my name is RebalCharlie. I grew up in whatever place zone 8 was. Umm I had a brother and sister and parents. Names and faces I can’t remember.” Charlie replied
“Were you ever on the pill?” I asked her
“No” she reponded

She looked down and concentrated on the wound.

“Then why don’t you remember?” I asked her with a confused look on my face
“Because I want to forget” She whispeared sincerly

With that she tied the bandage and left the room before I could question her. Ghoul came in but my mind was swirling with questions that I couldn’t pay attention to him. After a while Ghoul left and I passed out.


I'm doing Ghoul's POV next. OKay for those who are confused none of the killjoys know who they are. So Kobra and Party don't know they are related. And no one remembers there real name. Got it? good!


@Fun Ghoul
No big deal. I love it though.
JackofTrades JackofTrades
thanks so much u probably stopped reading because sometimes i only update half a chapter
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul
I remember beginning to read this one and then stopping for some reason... Either way, I'm picking it back up. There are a few mistakes, but it's still completely understandable. I love this. I honestly do. I love the idea of one girl saving the Fabulous Killjoys. You execute it so much better than I do though. Keep up the good work!
JackofTrades JackofTrades
@Fun Ghoul
Other than that, it is a great story. Good promt. Kudo's doll.
Mirror_Mayhem Mirror_Mayhem
Thanks ill fix it
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul