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Lost and Alone - My Chemical Romance Horror Story

Chapter 2 - Where am I?

*Mikey Way’s POV*
I woke up with a start after hearing a massive ‘bang’. I looked down to see I was seated on a wooden chair that looked ready to break at any second. I strained my eyes from the bright, almost white light that was hanging from the ceiling. I looked around the room that I was in. It looked like an old hospital room. It had a fungi-infested bed sitting in the corner, and the wall’s wall paper was all torn and ragged, water patches seeping through it. A very rusty basin sat a couple of metres away from me, containing some dark and filthy sort of liquid.

I stood up, my head spinning in confusion. Where the fuck was I? I scanned the room for a door, spotting one almost instantly. I slowly walked up to it and opened it. I looked down to see a dark hall and many other doors. As I did, a loud crack sounded from the behind me. I whipped my head around to find a speaker that looked almost brand new sitting in the top left corner of the ceiling. It made some more cracking sounds before finally settling down.
‘Welcome, Mikey. I see you’ve woken up,’ a deep and obviously disguised voice boomed.
‘Where the fuck am I?! Who the fuck are you?!’ I yelled at the speaker. I walked up to it, looking closely. I spotted a small camera sitting next to it.
‘Now, now, Mikey, calm down,’ the voice replied. I grunted in response. ‘You’re here because I want to play a little…game.’
‘That’s fucking lovely, what shall we play, monopoly?’ I shouted back, aggravated. The person chuckled.
‘Sense of humour on this one,’ they said, seeming like they had turned away from the microphone and was talking to someone else. ‘I like him.’
‘No, no, not monopoly,’ they said, turning their attention back to me. ‘More of a life and death situation game.’
I froze. Surely they were joking. I was obviously on some prank TV show.

Suddenly, I heard a faint yell coming from the hall way. I rushed to the door and put my ear up to it.
‘Frank?!’ I yelled. I heard nothing in response. I rushed back to the camera. ‘What the hell are you doing to Frank?’
‘Come on, Mikey,’ the voice laughed, ‘you’re the smart one, aren’t you? You don’t think I’m actually going to tell you. That’s no fun.’
I yelled and kicked the wall in frustration.
‘Anyway, as I was saying,’ the speaker continued. ‘This game is a bit of a test. It’s testing how well the ‘great’ My Chemical Romance can work together and if they can truly trust each other.’
What in the world is he talking about?
‘You up for it?’
‘I kind of want to know what I’m up for first.’ I replied. The speaker sighed.
‘As I said; tests. A lot of tests will be given. We want to see how well you get through them.’
‘What sort of te-‘ I was cut off by another yell, this time louder.
‘Frank!’ I said, before opening the door.
‘Good luck!’ I heard before slamming the door shut and running down the dark hall towards the agonizing screams.


Yay, chapter 2. May no be very interesting right now but it will get better, I swear!
Enjoy, and thank you! x


when is chapter 15 coming? hopefully soon... i stopped reading cuz it seems like authors arent trying anymore but this has me excited and wanting more

PsychoJay PsychoJay

Yay can't wait! :)

Dead_Pegasus_01 Dead_Pegasus_01

More will be coming soon! x

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! And we'll see what happens to the boys soon! Thank you very much! xx

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Thank you so much for reading! ^o^ x

sonyamcr sonyamcr