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Lost and Alone - My Chemical Romance Horror Story

Chapter 1 - The Start

*Gerard Way’s POV*
‘Jesus Christ, that was hectic.’
I looked up at Frank and smiled. I wiped my hand across my sweaty forehead as we trotted down the stairs before entering the green room behind the stage.
‘Crowd was amazing!’ I replied with a grin.
‘As usual.’ Frank said, placing his guitar in its stand and then turned his attention back to me.
‘Dude, you’re sweating so badly.’
‘Shut up, it’s an indoor venue, what do you expect?’ I giggled. There were at least a thousand people at our concert tonight. The vibe was incredible.

My thoughts were interrupted as Mikey came into the green room, Ray following behind him.
‘Great show, guys!’ Mikey said, giving a slap on Frank’s back.
‘Yeah, it was mental.’ Ray said. He lifted his guitar over his head and put it next to Frank’s as Mikey did the same with his bass. Frank nodded his head in agreement.
‘Fucking tired though,’ I said with a sigh. ‘Three nights in a row, I need some coffee.’
‘I second that,’ Mikey yawned, stretching his arms above his head. We stood quiet, breathing heavily from all the bouncing around that happened on the stage.
‘To the caravan?’ Ray suggested. We all nodded our heads and made our way out of the building and towards the tour caravan. I smiled at the thought of finally having some delicious coffee in my system. The guys also seemed pretty happy, too, although their smiles were probably due to the great concert we just had. We all made our way up into the caravan, before lazily flopping down on the two couches.

‘Who’s making coffees?’ Frank asked after a moment of silence.
‘Gerard,’ Mikey said almost immediately, looking at me with a grin. I opened my mouth to protest before he cut me off. ‘Hey, you were the one who said you wanted some in the first place. I sighed, heaving myself off the sofa and making my way to the kitchen.
‘Ray, do you want one too?’ I shouted from the kitchen, reaching up to the cupboard which held the magical substance.
‘You know it!’ Ray exclaimed. I chuckled lightly as I began to plug in the coffee machine and got the mugs from the same cupboard. Suddenly I heard a thump coming from the lounge area. I stopped moving, expecting to hear the guys talking about something. I heard nothing. I turned around to look at them. I froze. Three large men, all dressed in black, had their arms around each of the guys, hands covering their mouths. Frank struggled and made a muffled moan. His eyes were wide and were looking at me intently. The man who was holding him suddenly whipped his hand from Frank’s mouth after Frank had supposedly bit him.
‘Gerard! Next to you!’ He screamed at me. I turned my head towards the back door, which was next to me, as another huge man emerged from it and grabbed my arms , pushing them against my back. I yelled before he shoved a cloth against my mouth and nose. I struggled, but soon everything started to go black.


Woo, hope that was okay. It's a bit short, but they'll get longer. Promise! Thank you xx


when is chapter 15 coming? hopefully soon... i stopped reading cuz it seems like authors arent trying anymore but this has me excited and wanting more

PsychoJay PsychoJay

Yay can't wait! :)

Dead_Pegasus_01 Dead_Pegasus_01

More will be coming soon! x

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! And we'll see what happens to the boys soon! Thank you very much! xx

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Thank you so much for reading! ^o^ x

sonyamcr sonyamcr