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Wing Ding Heart


So Frank is going out with Mikey for almost a year and well...Mikey won't put out. Frank is as patient as horny teenager can be, but he is losing the fight. His sexual frustration gets the best of him and well...enter Gerard.

Relationships: Frank Iero/Mikey Way × Frank Iero/Gerard Way × Gerard Way/Mikey Way × Gerard Way/Gerard Way

Teenage sex × First Time × Hand Jobs × Blow Jobs × Threesome - M/M/M × Self-cest × Very Minor Waycest × Incubus × Demons × Sex Toys × Sexual Frustration × Impotence × sex therapist - Freeform × Manga Spoilers × Mikey and Gerard Are Not Related ×


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

17 years old and completely sexually frustrated. Mikey's Boyfriend.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Age??? Incubus created from Frank's sexual frustration over Mikey.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Age??? Incubus created from Frank's romantic frustration over Mikey.

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

17 years old and completely frightened of sex. Frank's Boyfriend.


  1. Wing Ding Creation

    Sometimes when our frustration gets the best of us, it manifests into the unexpected.

  2. Wing Ding Spice

    Mikey finds a way to save his boyfriend

  3. Wing Ding Mix

    Why is it when you think you want something, you change your mind?

  4. Wing Ding Wave

    ”Now Frankie, let’s see if we can’t get you to rise to the occasion again.”

  5. Wing Ding Doctor

    The sign said “Dr. Gabriel Saporta Sex Specialist”

  6. Wing Ding Conclusion

    ”Hey Frankie, sorry I’m late.”


Oh man that sucks, but i still look forward to reading them when you can! ^-^

momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki


your welcome, i could never right anything as good as this, im writing 2 stories at the mo one i cant update as i need to fix my ipad and the other was just off the top of my head

Yeah, the story is kind of fucked up, but it was fun to write! ^0^

Thank you for reading and commenting. ^-^

momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki

wow im not sure what to think but that was a really good story

You're so welcome ! ^-^ lots of love!