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Benzene Doll

The Aftermath Is Secondary

Poison was alone. Still angry with what Korse had done to his wife and daughter, he starting punching walls and throwing shit to the ground.
The door opened.
"You shouldn't be doing this late at night." a voice said from the doorway.

Dr. Death Defying entered the room, his motorchair rolling over the broken items Poison left on the floor.
"You're still up?" Poison asked.
"After hearing all the ruckus you made, yes."
"It's just...Korse....Fucking Korse....and Lynz....and Bandit....that fucking asshole."
"At least you can still walk."
"I know."
"So how come I haven't meet this new killjoy chick yet, Poison?"
"Because someone's gotta look after Grace while we're out ghosting Dracs."
"Isn't that Pony's job?"
"And someone has to give Grace the ol' talk soon. And someone also has to have the babies. I mean, ghoul seems to have a thing for her, but-"
"But what?"
"Grace says she's too fucked up to understand true love. Like, mentally too fucked up. A girl whose been heartbroken multiple times as a teen, gives up by college and is then captured and held hostage by Korse for seven years, who forces her into sex slavery. Ghoul thinks he can still fix her but I hear from Jet and Kobra that she still doesn't see it."
"Sounds like she's strong enough to be one of us."
"Maybe too strong."

Just then Benzene entered the room.
"Can you and your friend keep that shit down, Poison?" she asked. "Some of us still get this thing called 'sleep' and we need, especially you."
"Fine." he answered. "Now go."
She left, with Dr. D staring at her.
"What is it D?" Poison asked.
"I know her." he answered.


this story was so good!!!!
BrianaBallistic BrianaBallistic
Oh....oh my..... that was so cute and emotional and cute again and....and.... so adorable and amazing!!!!
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
I wish I could write like this! You're very, very good!!!
falloutlies falloutlies
I loved this fanfiction, I hope there's going to be a second part to it, you write good stories. It felt like I was actually there!(motaphorically)
Carbon Titties Carbon Titties