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Benzene Doll

Say Goodbye To The Vows You Take

"What really happened the other night?" he asked her.

Evening was approaching and Poison and Helena were alone in a storage room. Poison had suspected something serious had happened the night before; drac serious.
"What does it it matter to you?" she asked him.
"Dracs came over last night, didn't they."
"Grace was already in bed, and they were that big of assholes."
"All dracs are assholes, Helena. And what the fuck are we going to start calling you? We can't just have you going around with you using your real name out here or they'll find us."
"What's more important to you, Poison? My fucking killjoy name or what happened the other night?"
"Dracs broke in last night, didn't they? They tore this shit up."
"So? I busted them. And it's not like they were going to rat us out to Korse."
"Oh yes they would."
"Not the ones from last night. I know them and they-"
"You know the dracs from last night? I knew it! I knew you were some kind of narc."
"You really think I would strand myself out in the desert with no food or water and beg and pleased with you to become one of your own just to turn around and go spill everything to Korse? I've been held hostage since the war, Poison. Held hostage by that asshole. Beaten, raped, cut, starved, dehydrated. For seven fucking years. You think I'd go back to that bullshit?"
"If it was that bad, then why didn't you leave earlier?"
"Because," she stated. "something kept me back for so long."
"Like what?"
"A year after the war, Korse had to leave to find more rebels. He brought in two dracs to take his place to torture me for that evening. I pleaded with them to not hurt me, and to my surprise, they didn't. Instead, they were nice to me. They even lied to korse when he got back to make it look as if they had tortured me like he asked them to do. And after that, for the past seven years, every time Korse had to leave, he left the min charge of me. And I finally had something good to look forward to. Despite everything else, I had two people, two friends, two saviors to keep me hopeful in that most fucked up time."
Poison glanced at the ground in disbelief.
"They were the same dracs that broke in last night. When I realized it was them, and they recognized me, we stopped the fighting and took a break. They told me every thing about what had happened in Battery City since I fled, and I made them promise not to rat me or anyone else out here to Korse. They said they would. They left right as you guys were arriving."
"You really thing they'll keep their word?"
"They kept they word before, Poison. Kept it for six years. I think they'd still keep their word to me."

Poison was about to leave, when Helena turned to him.
"Benzene Doll." she said.
"My new name. Benzene Doll."


this story was so good!!!!
BrianaBallistic BrianaBallistic
Oh....oh my..... that was so cute and emotional and cute again and....and.... so adorable and amazing!!!!
Screaming Tears Screaming Tears
I wish I could write like this! You're very, very good!!!
falloutlies falloutlies
I loved this fanfiction, I hope there's going to be a second part to it, you write good stories. It felt like I was actually there!(motaphorically)
Carbon Titties Carbon Titties