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Would You Carry Me To The End?

Gazing Mindless

Frank’s POV

Gerard sung the last of the lyrics of 'I'm Not Okay' into the microphone and the show ended. The lights dimmed as we made our way off stage, thousands of teenagers screaming for an encore that we did not have time for. I pulled my guitar, Pansy, off my neck and handed her to one of the techies to put her away into the tour bus. I was sweating buckets as a grabbed a bottled water from the cooler opening it quickly, pouring the cooling liquid into my mouth, and some onto my head to cool me down. "Hey dude, great show tonight, right?" asked Ray's voice behind me. I twirled around.

"Yeah, it was fucking sick, dude, how many people showed up!" I exclaimed, smiling.

"I know right! Biggest crowd we ever had." Ray said sipping his water, "Come on, we have to get to the bus before Brain flips his shit."

I giggled then followed Ray to the bus which already contained Mikey, Gerard, and Bob laying on the couches, drenched in sweat. Gerard sat up and I plopped myself down next to him right away. Ray stood for a moment deciding whether or not to sit down, "I'm gonna go get changed.", he said shuffling toward the bunk room. I was so exhausted, I felt like I was on the verge of passing out. I laud my head down on the arm rest watching Gerard out of the corner of my eye. He ran his fingers through his hair slowly then leaned back onto the couch again. I wanted him so bad, but I knew I could never have him. I sort of loved Gerard, I fell for him the first day we met. I still remember it clear as day. The way he smiled at me when I shook his hand made me feel like there were butterflies flying every which way in my stomach. At that time, he had a girlfriend, he doesn't anymore, but he's never had an interest in guys which pretty much takes away any chance of being with him. I'm gay, he's straight, and i couldn't change that. I've been trying to get over him, but there was something about him that made me love him even more through the 3 years I've known him.

I started to notice how the room was awkwardly silent. I took my eyes off of Gerard for a moment to see what the other guys where doing. Bob was sprawled on a cushioned chair running his hand over his stubble, eyes closed. Mikey was on the floor eyes closed as well. Just as I was about to break the silence, Ray came out of the bunk area fully dressed, "Hey there's a pizza place on the way to the next city, you wanna get some?"

"Yes!" We all responded in unison

"Okay, but first you guys need to get changed and get a fucking shower, you all reek, especially you, Gerard." Ray said glaring at Gerard.

I giggled as Gee playfully punched Ray in the arm. "Ow!" Ray cried rubbing his arm. "Don't be such a pussy Toro, I didn't even punch you that hard." Gee laughed walking toward the bathroom.

I watched Gee disappear into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I zoned out for a few seconds, until I heard the shower go on, I turned my head to see Bob setting up the X-Box.

“Hey Frank, wanna play that vampire game we were playing the other night?” Bob asked plugging in the gaming system.

“Sure, but I’m just gonna beat your ass at it like last time.” I smirked reaching for a controller

“Not if I can help it!” Bob playfully shot back.


I ended up winning the game and Bob acted like a child, throwing a tantrum while Mikey and I laughed uncontrollably, with Ray trying to calm everyone down. That was about an hour ago, and now we are pulling into the pizzeria, all of us showered and dressed. We all scrambled off the bus and into the restaurant, starving considering the last thing we ate was lunch before sound check, that ended up running long and we didn’t have time to eat before the show. I slid into a booth with Ray, Mikey, and Bob on one side and Gerard and I on the other. To be honest, I was actually happy Gerard sat next to me but at the same time it was teasing me like hell, his bright hazel eyes were making me feel all fuzzy inside, along with his smooth full lips that sadly, I could only imagine being on mine. Then I came to my senses realizing Gerard’s eyes were staring right back at mine confused.

“Why are you staring at me?” Gerard asked, uncomfortably.

I bit my lip and my whole face reddened. I removed my gaze from Gee to my lap trying to think of an excuse when I heard footsteps nearing the table I looked up to see it was waitress, who looked no older than 19, coming to take our order. She gazed at us, looking as if she was going to have a heart attack right then and there. I guessed she was a fan, I’ve seen that emotion so many times before when going out to meet fans after shows, them trying to hold back their excitement was no different than the emotion on that girl’s face. She came over to us and simply took our order and left to get our food ready. After she left t, the guys started up a conversation about where the next show was. I was relieved that they forgot about the staring. When our food came we all gorged ourselves with pizza until we were full. We then split the bill and tipped the waitress who we later found was indeed a fan when she came up to us when we were about to leave to ask for a picture and an autograph witch we happily agreed to give her.

As soon as I stepped on the bus I headed right to the bunks to avoid any questions about the staring I did at the restaurant that night. I really hoped they didn’t bring it up again, I was already embarrassed enough.


Oh come on! You can't start a story out all awesome then leave us hanging! I love it! Please update! :D

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Ugh IKR?
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uhm is there a chence to get an update?!
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dude you gotta update this is really good
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