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Gerard Way is an overnight star thanks to the power of the modern day media and wants to sign with Frank Iero's record label, Graveyard. The only problem is, Gerard Way doesn't talk. He doesn't even look at you if he's in the wrong mood. Until he meets Frank. Can Frank fix this broken man without breaking himself in the process?

This is not porn.

*ahem* Notice that one of the genres I chose was tragedy.

Warnings: no smut, cuteness, slash, profanity, mental illness and seriously bad research into record labels

Disclaimer: Fortunately, this has not actually occurred. Unfortunately I own none of the characters.

Don't use without permission, please.


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Owns Graveyard, the record company.

Gerard A. Way

Gerard A. Way

Mute singer. Weird, right?



I don’t know if you’re still active on this account, I suspect not, and I don’t know if you receive notifications for your comments, but in the unlikely event that you see this...

I just reread this fic start to finish for the eighth time, and I love it as much this time as I did the first. <3

I don’t know if you’re still writing at all, and if you are, then where, but either way, I wish you luck for whatever life is bringing you.

Damn I just binge read the whole thing and I loved it

oh sweet irony and honestly this probably the best story i've ever read.

This was thr first fic I subscribed to on this site, and in all the time that passed since the last upate, I never forgot about it..

This fic is incredible. The wait was worth it, and I just have to congratulate you on your skill. Bravo, friend :)

This was the very first story I read on this cite. I don't care that it's been a year (haha it's sad that I'm still here, huh?) I'm so happy you finished this story. I love it so much, you miss are an incredible writer. I can only hope you visit some of your other stories :)

Cheshire Cat Cheshire Cat