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Ray Toro



NC-17 Romance Sci-fi Fantasy

“Gerard, what’s wrong?” “I-I can s-see it” Gerard stuttered motioning to the man behind the counter. “I can see his aura.” (Frerard)


9.7 5 Votes
Just Give Me All That Pain.

Just Give Me All That Pain.

R Drama Tragedy Teen

Gerard/OC Highschool AU. Read summary for more info <3


8.0 3 Votes
Silence Is Golden. (Frerard)

Silence Is Golden. (Frerard)

NC-17 Drama

Wait, Did you think this was going to be another love story about Frank and Gerard?..... Well your right.


9.0 3 Votes
I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

I Can't Do This On My Own *Frerard*

R Romance Drama Tragedy

(Not sure where im going with this. But if you wanna stick around and find out with me then great!!)


10.0 10 Votes
Dear Insanity.

Dear Insanity.

PG-13 Drama Tragedy

Time is precious. If you don't keep track of it, it's wasted. *BP White hair Gee, DD Short hair Frank, Revenge Mikey, Revenge Ray*


10.0 3 Votes
Spin Spin Sugar

Spin Spin Sugar

NC-17 Romance Comedy Drama

"He loved the sin, but I was pure." Warped Tour 2005 - Mia Lechowski, young journalist, stumbles upon a man who will rock her goddamn world.


10.0 36 Votes
Vampire Love

Vampire Love

PG-13 Romance Fantasy

When Frankie Iero goes exploring a supposedly abandoned Manor, she never expected to find love with the Vampire inhabiting it


No one will hurt you(On hold)

No one will hurt you(On hold)

R Drama

What even is a "Short" description, Read the summery Please xoxo, TRIGGERING (REVENGE ERA) First chapter is first person, But the rest will be third *Shrugs*


9.5 4 Votes
MCR - Order of the Phoenix

MCR - Order of the Phoenix

PG-13 Adventure Sci-fi Fantasy

What happens when Gerard Way, Ray Toro, Mikey Way and Frank Iero are transferred from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts?


- 1 Vote
The only hope for me is you(On hold)

The only hope for me is you(On hold)

PG-13 Drama Tragedy Teen

Gerard and Frank are best friends. Only one problem. Franks in love with Gerard, but Gerard's in a toxic relationship with his boyfriend Bob. No one except Mikey knows how bad his relationship really is. But when Frank finds out. Bob's gonna wish he never laid a hand on Gee


10.0 5 Votes