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The Photo Booth

One Of One

“These death threats are getting worse Gee, I'm so scared.” Frank clutched his mate closely. Gerard rubbed his back, his eyes nearly black with anger as his eyes scanned everyone who walked down the street.

For the past few weeks, death threats have been sent to Frank's house. Each more horrible than the last. They'd mutilated Frank's cat and put it under his pillow, cut the break line of his car and egged his house for good measure.

Gerard had enough. No one messes with the mate of the Gerard Way. He grew suspicions for everyone who walked down the street. Gerard had alerted the counsel, and they claimed to be working tirelessly to find the sorry bastard. But to Gerard that wasn't good enough. Nothing would be good enough until the slimy dilhole was chained up in his basement. Everything they'd claimed to do to Frank, would be done to him. Cutting off his eye lids so he could watch his legs go into the shredder, chaining his toes to the bumper of a car, tying him to the ground then driving away quickly, pulling his spine out by the back of his neck, then shoving it in his eyes.

The Saw movies had nothing on what Gerard planned to do.

Frank's tears soaked into Gerard's shirt. “We'll stop him baby I promise. He won't lay a hand on you.”

“B-but he killed my cat, he c-can get into my house!” The fertile sobbed.

“Then you won't be there. For the rest of the day, it's gonna be you and me and the arcade.”

Frank looked up at his loving dom and smiled. “The one with the photo booth?”

Gerard chuckled and nodded. Oh how Frank loved that photo booth. When they were teenagers in young love, Frank pulled them in the booth and that's where they had their first kiss. They got pictures of it and everything. Those pictures now sat in Frank's wallet pocket.

Gerard remembered learning how before Frank met him, when humans beat him up for being gay, he'd go into that booth and cry. But soon he'd be okay, because that photo booth reminded him of a time not too long ago when his parents would take him in one and spend hours in it, taking various, silly pictures creating such a long line that people would be in the bathrooms waiting.

“Hold on, I gotta fix my eye make up.” Frank let go of Gerard and was going to head to the bathroom when Gerard grabbed his hand, stopping him.

“Your gorgeous, Sugar.”

Frank blushed and rolled his eyes “That's what you think. I need to like how I look too.”

Gerard knew make up made his Frankie happy, so he let go and watched his butt as he walked out. After Frank removed all evidence of his crying, he came out smiling. He was so excited to see the photo booth again.

“Ready?” Gerard asked, holding his hand out. “Very.” Frank took his hand and they headed out to Gerard's car.


When they arrived, Frank took Gerard's hand and excitedly towed him over to the photo booth. “Come on Gee!” He grinned like a kid in a candy store.

A boy in an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt was about to go in with his girlfriend that looked more like a whore than a girl to Gerard. But the boy quickly backed off when Gerard growled at him. Gerard stopped walking, Frank wasn't strong enough to make him move so he turned to look at him, stomped his foot and pouted. “Gee come on! We're so close!” He tugged his mates hand.

Gerard arched an eye brow in a cocky way, Frank gave him a puppy dog face, “What do I have to do?”

“Love me forever.” Gerard answered.

“Forever and always Gee, that's a promise.” Frank smiled and walked up to Gerard who tilted his head up with his finger and kissed his lips tenderly.

“I love you so much Frankie.” he murmured against his lips.

“I love you too Gee bear.” Gerard cracked a smile, he'd kill anyone else for calling him that but when Frank did it, it was okay. In fact, he liked it.

Franks heart skipped a beat as Gerard kissed him again, warping his arms around the shorter man's waist.

He rested his forehead against Frank's. “Hey Gee bear?”

“Yes sugar?”

“Can we get in the photo booth now?” he asked impatiently.

Gerard chuckled and let go of him, watching him bound over to the booth. Frank got in and Gerard followed, shutting the curtain.

Gerard sat on the bench, Frank sat on his lap. They made faces at the camera, flipped the bird to the camera, and joked around. Gerard would occasionally kiss Frank's cheek. Frank was so happy, it radiated off him, filling the confined space with pure glee.

Gerard was happy to see his mate happy after so much worrying and tears. He knew the photo booth would be just the thing to get his mind off it.

After their laughter died down Frank sighed contently. “Gee bear, do you remember the first time we were in here?”

“Of course I do, it was our first kiss.” Gerard's chest vibrated against Frank's back.

“Yeah...it was the day I knew you were the one for me.”

Gerard smiled and kissed his cheek.
“Excuse me, are you done?” A meek female fertile voice asked from the other side of the curtain. If she were human, Gerard would have ripped her fingers off and shoved them down her throat, but because she was a fertile, Frank and Gerard obliged, getting out of the booth. “Sorry.” Frank apologized to the girl who assured him that it was okay.

Gerard took the many, many pictures and looked at the clock. They spent three hours in there!

Frank yawned. “Gee, I'm tired.”

“Then lets head back.” He intertwined their fingers and they exited the arcade.

--In front of Frank's house--

“I don't wanna go in, I'm scared.”

“Then we can talk out here for a while.”

Frank smiled and began babbling on about something. But Gerard just couldn't pay attention, a faint ticking was detracting him.

“So Josh...tick tick tick...isn't that funny? He tick tick tick but I tick tick tick

An odd smell crossed Gerard's nose. Then he realized what the ticking was. His eyes widened as he tackled Frank to the ground and pulled him behind a car just as BOOM

Frank's house exploded due to a time bomb planted in the basement. Pieces of house flew all over, Gerard and Frank got under the car as debris landed all around them. Frank sobbed as he watched bits of his books fly all over. Gerard held on to him tightly until nothing but birds flew above them. They got out from the car and looked at the hole in the ground that used to be Frank's house from the side walk.

Frank wiped his tears but didn't cry new ones.

“Frankie, why aren't you crying anymore?” Gerard asked.

“I got my favorite memory.”

Gerard cocked his head to the side, Frank pulled out his wallet and showed him the pictures of their first kiss in the photo booth.

Tears of joy sprang to Gerard's eyes.

“And I got what matters most to me. You Gee, I love you more than my own life.”

Gerard;s blood tears flew down his pale cheeks. “I love you too Frankie. In fact, I have a question for you.” he wiped his tears, and took Frank's small hands in his own. Frank looked at him questioningly and gasped when he fell down on one knee and reached in his pocket with one hand, pulling out a small velvet box. “Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, will you make me the luckiest Dom in history and marry me?”
Frank began to cry tears of happiness “Yes Gerard! Yes!”.


Here is a link to her entery http://www.mibba.com/Stories/Read/484634/To-The-End/


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