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The Gerard Way dream

Hi boys

'hi' you say embarrassed
'hello' Mikey says winking at you
'haha i cant believe Gee lost his virginity before me' Frank teases
'no no we weren't...' you try to explain yourself but there's no use, Ray goes and sits on the bed
'well umm...nice to meet you..' Ray hold his hand out to shake yours
'im Jess' you smile at him
'wow thats a hot name' Frank flirts with you
'fuck off Frank!.. lets get to practising' Gerard snaps
'yay i wanna hear this'

the boys play Ghost of you

'well that was amazing... really amazing... How are you guys not famous OH MY GODDD!' you say excitedly
'your really liked it' Gerard smiles
'I loved it'
'Guys i think we should leave them alone' Ray whispers and the boys leave, leaving the door ajar so they can still spy on you and Gerard
'I cant believe im only just hearing you sing now'
'haha im not that good'
'you are you amazing' you say starring in to his eyes
'so you wanna uhu...'
'sorry Gee i gotta get home my dad probably worried'
'ok ill take you home on my motorbike



oh my gosh

i love it ^-^ good job

Prince_Revenge Prince_Revenge