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The Gerard Way dream

Messed up Friendship

'Gee wait up' you shout down the school hallway
'Jess your lat...Oh my god you look like a wreck'
'thanks Gerard, i forgot to but on my makeup' as soon as you say that Gerard drags you into the boys toilets and hands you his eyeliner 'i cant be in here' 'calm down put it on' he watches you intently not even blinking *Fuck shes beautiful* he thinks to himself
'thanks a lot Gee your the best' you give him a peck on the cheek on your way out of the bathroom
'Oh look its the emo coming out of the guys bathroom' say a group of guys pretending to self harm, as they do that you look down a you wrist and run back into the bathroom where you see Gerard applying his eyeliner, you run into the bathroom stall sit down on the closed lid of the toilet and burst out crying
'wow whats wrong' he runs over to you and kneels near you, you take the razor from your bag and stare at it
'im an idiot thinking i could actually be happy, WHATS wrong with me' you cry
'put that down right now' Gerard says angerly 'come on i know what will make you happy' he grabs your arm and you run out of the school and get on his motorcycle. When you get to Gerard's house he pulls out a little bag of weed and begins to roll a joint 'want some' he asks lighting it, you nod (you no its wrong but your sad and you don't care anyway). you and him sit on your bed high as fuck singing some songs that Gerard wrote with his band
'Gee you should call the boys over'
'yeah that's a great idea ill text them now' he pulls out his phone 'they will be here soon he' he stumbles over to his desk and puts his phone on charge, then come back over to you
'yay song time' you say jumping on the bed, you then sit next to him, hes deep in thought, you put one hand through his bright red hair and place the other on his thigh 'whats wrong Gee' he pulls your hand off his thigh and puts it on his cheek, he then places his hands on your hips and kisses your neck 'I want you Jess' he whispers in your ear slowly
'I want you too' you put your hands round his neck and lay on top of him, you roll over now hes on top, he pulls off you shirt and you pull off his. He puts his hand in your bra and you two kiss passionately, you fight his tongue and moan... Then suddenly the door swings open and Mikey, Frank and Ray are standing there jaw dropped
'what the fuck dont you people knock' Gee climbs off you and you are just laying there half naked, you get up and stumbble to pick up your shir



oh my gosh

i love it ^-^ good job

Prince_Revenge Prince_Revenge