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We'll Find A Way

Chapter 2

Hayden's POV
My alarm clock beeped at 7:30. I groaned. Everything was quiet for once. I guess they fought earlier. Yes, I know about my mom and dad. Their arguing is stupid, I'm not even sure why they do it. I got my clothes for the day out of my closet and got into the shower. After about 5 minutes, I jumped out and got ready. I dried my hair with the towel, not caring to comb it out. I slipped on my white and black converse. When I was done getting ready, I proceeded downstairs to make my morning coffee.
I made my way over to the Keurig machine. "Fighting again?" I saw the mess they made. Usually they cleaned it up, but I think Bandit did. I sighed and put the freshly made coffee into a travel mug.
"Ready to go?" I asked. "Uh, sure," She grabbed her car keys and made her way out the door. I grabbed my bag and followed to the passenger side door. The car ride was silent. We usually listen to music, but I guess not today. We finally reached the school about 10 minutes, leaving 20 minutes extra. I got out of the car with my coffee in my hand.
"See ya after school little bro," Bandit waved and made her way over to her Senior friends. I made my way over to Corey and Alice, making out as usual. Bleh.
"Sick." I say, they laugh and stop. I laughed. "Have you seen Britney anywhere?" I asked.
"Nope not yet." Alice replied. Her and Corey are my best friends, they've been together for like 3 years now. Britney and I have been for a couple of months now. For the rest of they 15 minutes, we talked about what we did over the weekend, laughed about random things, nothing important. The first bell finally rang. Time for chemistry. Hopefully Britney comes in by then.
I made my way down to the class and sat in the back as usual with Britney as my partner. Ms.McKenny was talking about making chemical reactions. I didn't care to listen. I was just listening to music. 30 minutes after class, I saw Britney come through the door. The rest of the hour we worked on a worksheet. Britney sat on the stool next to me.
"Hey, where were you?"
"I woke up late and I forgot my phone," We talked and laughed. That was most of the class hour.
The rest of the day was pretty boring, except for English. We got in trouble for laughing, we laughed more, got in trouble and got separated, laughed even more, and Britney was sent to sit outside. I laughed again, but it was boring with out her. That was pretty much it.
I sat in algebra quietly, next to Alice. She was too busy taking notes, she's such a school girl. I'll just take a picture of the notes after class. When the bell rang, I jumped and grabbed Alice by the wrist.
"What the fuck Hayden,"
"Shut up, it's the end of school anyways," She laughed and we made our way outside of school. I saw Britney and ran up to her, leaving Alice by herself.
"Fine then!" She yelled and went to find Corey. I laughed and pecked Britney on the cheeks.
"Hey, ready to go?" Today was the day mom and dad will find out about Britney, nobody knew, not even Bandit, I think. I saw Bandit smoking a cigarette and went over to her, holding Britney by the wrist.
"Yeah. Who's this?" She looked at Britney.
"This is my friend, I was wondering if she could come home with us,"
"I don't think so bro. We got some stuff going on," Bandit said as she was entering her car, but I stopped her. Usually, mom and dad don't talk, but we have dinner together.
"Why. It's just for today anyways."
"No Hayden, now come on, we have to leave." Britney stood there awkward, not knowing what to do.
"No, she coming with us," What hell is Bandit's problem? Bandit grabbed my hand.
"Listen. We have to go now. Dad's waiting for us." She whispered to me.
"Well fine! I'll take Britney with us!" I raised my voice. Britney didn't know what to do.
"I said no! Let's go now!" Bandit said really annoyed.
"Why the hell can't she come home with us!"
"I can't say anything!"
"Just te-" I was cut off by her.
"Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. Are you happy now I finally told you!" Her voice began cracking. A divorce? What?
"Let's go home Hayden. She can't come." Her voice was now calm. I turned to Britney.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know about this. I though." She cut me off.
"It's fine, don't worry about it. I'll come over another time. I'm going to walk home now." She turned around in the opposite direction.
"Bye," I said in almost a whisper. Bandit slammed her car door shut. I walked behind the car and got into the passenger side.
"Who told you?"
"Dad, this morning before he left to Mikey's house. I think you were still sleeping." I nodded at her responce. Bandit started the engine and drove off the school campus. As like this morning, we drove in silence, no music.
"I'm going to get another pack of cigs, do you want anything?" We were stopped at a gas station.
"I'll just come in," I walked over to the drinks and grabbed a Rockstar. I went over to Bandit, who was at the counter, and handed it to her.
"I'll just get these two," Holding the Rockstar and a bottle of tea, "And a pack of Marlboro cigarettes." The cashier pointed to the box and she handed it over to Bandit. After she was done paying for it, we left the store.
"Did dad tell you anything else?" I said, ending the awkward silence.
"Just wait until we get home, him or Mom will explain everything," She said while holding her lighter at the end of the cigarette. She rolled down the window so the smell wouldn't cling to the car. The took a puff and blew it out the window.
"Want some?" Bandit offered me. I gladly took it and had a puff of my own. I held it in my mouth for a few seconds before blowing it out my nose. Bandit tought me how to use it. Mom and Dad don't know. I first tried it in 8th grade. Bandit was in her sophomore year, I hardly try it. Maybe twice a month. I think Bandit has maybe one or two every couple of days, only when she's stressed out.
W finally reached home and I noticed both vehicles of my parents were home. Great. Just fucking great.



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