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We'll Find A Way

Chapter 1

Bandit's POV
I opened my eyes to the sound of something crash downstairs. It was 6:38 am. I tried to close my eyes, but I heard another crash. I already knew who it was. Mom and Dad. They've been fighting for 2 weeks straight. I didn't bother to go downstairs and stop them. Last time I did that, I almost got hit with a ceramic coffee mug, thrown by my mom, aiming for my dad. I sighed. "Might as well get ready." I whispered to myself. I grabbed a pair of maroon skinny jeans, an Anthrax shirt my uncle gave to me, and my phone. I turned on Brianstorm by the Arctic Monkeys. I jumped in the shower and sang along to the song while I lathered my hair with my Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. After my shower, I put on my clothes, brushed my wet hair and tied it up. I don't care if it's fucked up, I'm not impressing anyone. I realized I didn't hear anymore screaming, so I decided to walk downstairs.
I quietly walked into he kitchen, only to find it a train wreck. Utensils were lying everywhere, fruits were laying on the floor bruised, and glass was everywhere. School didn't start until 8:30, so I have some time to clean up. As I was about to grab the broom, I heard footsteps. It was Dad.
"Good morning, honey," I didn't bother to reply to him.
"I know. You hate me for arguing with your mother," I turned to face him. He was wearing
"I don't hate you. I just hate how both of you are always fighting for God knows what,"
"Well, it's going to stop soon,"
"It's not going to stop anytime soon! You two have been doing this for two fucking weeks!" I yelled at him. I regret yelling, he's been yelled at all morning.
"Promise me, We-" I cut him off.
"How do you know! It's been going on for too damn long. Who the hell eve-" I was cut by him.
"We're getting a divorce," Dad said like it was nothing.
My voice was cracking, "W-what?"
"I said we're getting a divorce," What the hell. They're getting a divorce?
"But, why. You can't. You're my parents. What's going to happen. Am I going to stay with you or mom. What about Hayden," So many questions were running through my head.
"I'm sorry. Your mother and I just can't seem to get along like we used to." He started crying. I hated to see him cry. It's the worst thing to happen in the world. I decided to hug him. He wrapped his arms around me. We both began crying on each others shoulder for a few minutes.
After about 7 minutes of crying, we stood in front of each other, both of us with red eyes and noses. My make up smeared, but I don't care.
"What's going to happen to Hayden and I," I managed to say.
"Hayden is going to stay here with me. As for you, you're going to be staying with your mother. She bought a house a few minutes away from here." He was about to cry, but managed to keep it in.
"When did you figure all of this out," He looked down.
"About a month ago,"
"But, I thought your fighting began recently,"
"We began fighting about two weeks ago."
"Why didn't you tell me or Hayden,"
"We didn't want to tell anyone," Great, my crying started again. Tears were falling down my cheek. I watched as they hit the glass-covered floor. Why couldn't they just stop. Why can't it be like before. No fighting, no arguing, no nothing.
"Do you know when we're going to be leaving?" He sighed. "Your mother, she said in two days," More crying. How awesome.
"I-I don't want to leave you, or Hayden." I don't want to stay with my mother. I love her an all, I just won't be able to wake up to the smell of coffee, seeing my dad drawing or typing away on his laptop while mom makes pancakes and Hayden comes downstairs and trips and we all laugh. It's bad enough I'm loosing my dad, but now my own brother. At least I can see him at school, and on the weekends,
"I know you don't. I can't stand the though of loosing my baby," I have to admit, I am a daddy's girl.
"I'll come visit you two on the weekends, and even after school, if mom lets me." He nodded, a tear running down his face.
"Please, do so. I don't want you to leave Hayden or I," I checked the time, 7:45. Hayden should be coming down anytime soon to make his cup of coffee.
"I'll be at Mikey's house. I don't want Hayden to know anything. It's too early, I'll tell him when he get's back." I nodded as he grabbed his car keys from the coffee table and shut the door. I just noticed mom was gone, I bet she went to see Jamia or someone, maybe even get a drink, but it's too early. Yup, she's at a friends too.
After I picked up a few things off the ground and rid the floor of glass, Hayden came down wearing grey skinnies, a white shirt with a detailed skull skeleton on it, topped off with a black unbuttoned cardigan. He went over to the red Keurig machine and made his morning coffee.
"Fighting again?" I guess he noticed the mess. Damn, I didn't clean up all of it though. I nodded. He sighed and put his coffee in a mug.
"Ready to go?" He asked. "Uh, sure," I grabbed my keys and headed to school. How can this day get any worse?



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