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Gerard Way: Serial Killer

Chapter Four.

After our discussion about me and my life and my problems, Frank understood me, or at least he made it seem as if he understood. I promised that I had no intentions of killing him. He seemed somewhat relieved.
I'd gotten home at around 5:00, started the laundry, and taken a shower, and plopped onto my bed, nerves racing around like five year olds. I was nervous for tomorrow; October 31st. Frank's birthday. The Day Gerard Actually Has to Socialize. Ugh, being around a large, sweaty, annoying crowd made me nauseous. I flipped onto my stomach and buried my face into the black pillow at the head of my bed. Communicating sucked. I'd much rather either socialize with Frank alone or socialize by myself.
I rolled over again, determined to get sleep. It was only 7:13, and I could use an early start at dreaming. My mind was going to be enthusiastically shunning sleep all night. I might as well stare at the inside of my eyelids and try to fall unconscious. Frank kept popping up in my thoughts, though, distracting me from focusing on sleep.
[Time Lapse]
I did end up falling asleep last night, around 9:30. It was a Halloween miracle. So far, the day has been rather usual. I woke up at 8, attended work, with no sign of Frank this time, and went home.
I still had to decide which Halloween costume I was going to wear. Frank told me he was going to dress up as "Frank"enstein's Monster. I chuckled at the irony and got up from the couch in the living room and walked down the hallway to the closet, flicked on the closet light, and pulled down an old box of Halloween costumes from the abandoned top shelf. I blew the dust off from the lid and unclipped it, opening the box. Rummaging through it, I pulled out an old black morph suit. It had glow-in-the-dark bones plastered onto it. Why I had it, I had no idea. I don't even remember getting it. The only component the costume was lacking was a mask
I undressed and slipped into the spandex suit and observed myself in the large Victorian hallway mirror. I was extremely thin; you could see some of my ribs poking through the thin material. I thought the costme would work just fine. I grabbed some old black and white face paint from the bottom of the box and started to do-up my skeleton make-up in front of a small handheld mirror, seated in the middle of the hallway.
The party started at 9:00, and it was currently 8:31. I added some finishing touches to the skull make-up and made sure my fire engine red hair laid just how I wanted it.
I walked over to the massive hallway mirror and nearly jumped out of my skin. The thing staring back at me through the glass could not be me- but it was. I looked at all the tiny details and I felt proud of my handiwork. I had a feeling some others were going to be quite impressed, also. I shuddered at the thought of "others". Having some leisure time, I went back into my room and started to draw a profile of Frank. At 8:58, I left my grungy apartment and cut across the parking lot to Frank's building. The party. Whew. Party. Par-Ty. Socializing. Increased decibels of noise. People. Breathe, Gerard, an inner voice told me. It's going to be alright. A-okay.
I walked into Building C and stepped into the elevator, pressing the button to take me to the top floor, but before the doors slid together, a lady and a little girl walked in. They both just migrated to the opposite side of the elevator and stared at me with wide eyes, the child asking "Mommy, is that a Halloween decoration?" I must've been standing so still, she thought I was a skeleton mannequin. When the elevator stopped, I moved to exit, and they both gasped, expecting me to be fake. I just snorted, coming up to Frank's door and knocking loudly. I could already hear the music pulsating through the walls. Deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. It's gonna be alright. 12 seconds after my second knock, the door was swung open by my only friend. Frank. He observed me for a second, eyes squinted through the holes in his mask, as if the sun was in his eyes.
"Gerard? Is that you? You look...." he seemed lost for words. He was adorned in monster clothes and Frankenstein's Monster mask. His skin was painted a sickly grey-green color, a bolt jutting from either side of his neck. It was quite a cool costume, except, you know Frankenstein's Monster is about seven feet tall, and Frank's about 5'0.
"Like a skeleton?" I finished for him. He just rolled his eyes. "Yeah. That's TOTALLY what I was gonna say."
"Well, your costume's pretty creative," I added dully.
Frank just giggled, grabbed my arm and coaxed me into the apartment. I swept my gaze across the room; there were decorations strewn about, both birthday and Halloween. The main focus of the party took place in front of the couch in the living room, where there was the most space to dance. People were dancing, yelling, and holding beer bottles and red Solo cups in the air. I was positive that the fine white couch was not going to be very white after the party.
"Wow, Frank.. I didn't know you had so many friends," I said, in a somewhat state of awe.
"Ha, me either!" he observed light-heartedly. "Seriously, though, I didn't invite half of these people."
Frank dragged me further into the crowded apartment. We ended up in front of the table that had the cake on it. It said "Happy 23rd Birthday, Frankenstein!" I chuckled, genuinely surprised that the cake had not been ruined, because there were people running and jumping about like psychos.
A few feet away to my left, there was a small television in front of a little grey loveseat. Two people were seated in front on the two-seated couch, presumably playing some sort of drinking game. They both had a half-downed beer clutched between their fingers. Some shitty horror film was playing.
Noticing my nervousness, Frank asked if I wanted to join the game. I nodded. Hey, if I didn't have to talk to strangers, I was all for it. He grabbed a drink for he and I and managed to squeeze himself on the couch, even opening up a space for me, gesturing for me to sit. I did, crushing myself in between Frank and the arm of the couch. He turned his face to me and explained the rules. If there was a shitty jumpscare, drink. If an inanimate object started moving on its own accord, drink. If a creepy shadow is seen, drink. If a character screams, drink.
The rules seemed pretty simple to me. Or I could just not drink. I probably won't, because I'm not a fan of beer, plus, it felt warm in my hand.
At the end of the movie, I hadn't even sipped my drink, but Frank and the other drinking game participants were completely fucking hammered. He was babbling on about something random, but I could hardly understand him. He looked at me expectantly, as if he had asked me a question and was awaiting an answer. Unsure of how to respond, I just dumbly nodded. He stood up and firmly grabbed my arm. I set my untouched beer on the coffee table and stood with him, unsure of his intentions. He walked tipsily past a gift table and into a quiet room. Oh, shit. I'd forgotten to get a present for him!
He shut and locked the door behind him, shutting out even more of the background noise. This must be his bedroom, I mused. I walked over to the bed and seated myself on it, cross-legged. He slumped drunkenly across from me, copying my position.
He grinned and slurred: "You look like a REAL skeleton!"
I thanked him, and added "You actually look like Frankenstein's Monster, only about two feet shorter."
"Thanks," said sarcastically. "I made thissss costume myselfff," he added, dragging out some letters. Oh, the side-affects of intoxication were entertaining. I then remembered the 'no gift for Frankie' dilemna and decided to tell him.
"Uh, Frank? I'm sorry, but I forgot to get you a present, but Happy Birthday, anyway," I said, bowing my head. How could I be so air-headed?
"You're a present by yourself, Gee," he replied, sliding up his monster mask off of his face, revealing that he was blushing. He set it down next to him.
I just laughed awkwardly. I was no present. I was more like a hand grenade concealed in normal, unsuspicious wrapping paper. I yawned. It was nearing 10:45... I should be going soon. I'll just say bye to Frank and dash the party. He was drunk anyway. What fun is it to hang with a drunk when you're sober?
"Frank? I have to leave... It's way past my bedtime," I joked, uncrossing my legs and sitting up, balanced on my knees.
"Give me my present first!" he protested. Present? What present? I'd even told him..
"Frank, I even told you I didn't get you a-"
Before I could finish, he sat up on his knees, too, and grabbed a handful of my costume, pulling me closer to him and my lips onto his. The weird feeling in my stomach seemed explosive now, bursting into miniature frenzies of fireworks. I was kissing him back. My best friend. I was making out with my best friend.
After thirty seconds or so of kissing, we pulled away to breathe. I gazed deep into his eyes, trying to contemplate what the fuck I just let happen. He liked me? Like, as more than a friend? Oh, no. No, I couldn't let this happen to him. To us. I'm a heartless murderer and he's an innocent, normal boy. With feelings. Being in this relationship would ruin him.
He looked up at me, smirking, black and white face paint smeared on his lips and around his mouth. Oh, that was hot.
"Now THAT'S a present worth waiting for."



i have a feeling this story hasn't been updated in years. and it sucks because this is my new faveorite fanfic.

Moonmagick98 Moonmagick98

Are you still here? This is AMAZING!

Author, you amazing! Oh, i need an update


Grrr I need an update sooon