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My Own Private Earthquake


He was gorgeous.

I'm not sure if it was his honey-colored eyes, his little pixie nose, his perfectly shaped lips, or his raven-black hair that made me think he was beautiful. He was a little chubby, but still looked adorable. He had a bit of a scruffy appearance, but he was handsome nevertheless. I was dumbfounded from the moment I laid eyes upon him. He walked in through the front door, but walked right back out due to the filthy conditions. I had been sitting on the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the wall and admiring him from afar.

There were three guys in total. One was the handsomest guy I had ever seen, another one had glasses and knees bending at an awkward angle, and the last one had an Afro. I noticed they were carrying medium-sized cardboard boxes out of their trunk and setting them down on front porch. They were labeled as "Mikey's Things", "Ray's Things" and "Gerard's Things". I realized that these guys weren't just visitors, they were moving into my house without my permission. I did not want them here; they would disturb the solitary peace I'd had during the past few years. Part of me wanted haunt the fuck out of them as soon as they came in, but I also wanted to get to know them, especially the gorgeous guy.

I was already slightly crushing on him, which was very awkward for me since I completely disagree with the entire "love at first sight" thing.

While all three guys had a loud conversation outside, I noticed the handsome man's eyebrows furrowing and his face displaying many signs of unhappiness. He looked uncomfortable and pissed. He crossed his arms, whipped around and rudely walked back to his car while pouting. Ooh, sassy. The way he made his lower lip stick out made butterflies flutter in my tummy.


It took them almost an entire week to clean up the house and settle in. The first few days were spent cleaning the house during the daytime, and sleeping in their car at night. My mansion was much more unclean than I had expected. I could tell they were grossed out by the condition it was in, especially the handsome man. He grimaced every time he came across a dead rat, or dozens of dead insects. He would exaggeratedly pinch his nose before stepping into any of the empty rooms. He would act like a diva every time the kid with glasses handed him a broom. He was so melodramatic, and that fascinated me.

Eventually, I figured out the kid with glasses was Mikey, the guy with the Afro was Ray, and gorgeous man was Gerard. For some odd reason, I felt like their names went hand in hand with their personalities. They fit perfectly together. Ray was a ray of sunshine, and was too optimistic for his own good. Mikey, who happened to be Gerard's brother, was a lovable, childish geek. Gerard was a theatrical (but sometimes silly) diva. I also figured out they were around my age, or at least the age I had been when I died. I really doubted I would grow old, which meant I would be twenty-one forever. I still couldn't decide if that was a blessing or a curse.

By the third or fourth day, the house was clean for the most part. A moving truck had arrived, bringing furniture, beds, and even a large TV. Everything looked so modern compared to my old furniture that had been rudely stuffed into my basement. Gerard was pleased when he saw the moving truck arrived. The way his eyes lit up with anticipation when he saw the truck driver and Ray carry his bed up to his new room (which happened to be my room) made me smile like an idiot. They also brought up a desk, a small tv, a mini-fridge, and a dresser to Gerard's room. After they were done placing everything in his room, Gerard ran up the stairs and locked himself in there for the rest of the day. I noticed I had been giving him too much attention, so I decided to spend time watching and listening to Mikey and Ray. If I was alive I would've called myself a stalker, but since I'm dead it was acceptable to observe other humans interact with one another.

"But Mikey! I wanted that room! The other one makes me uncomfortable!" Ray whined.

Mikey chuckled. "I told you I would get the room closest to Gerard's. He wanted the one with the big window, so I'm getting the one next to his."

"But the other room looks like a guest room! It's too small!" Ray complained.

I laughed. Mikey was getting my parent's room and Ray was getting the guest room.

"It probably was a guest room. Have you seen the size of this house? Whoever used to live here must've been rich. Rich people always have guest rooms" Mikey said.

"Do you know anything about the original owners of the house?" Ray asked, while walking over to the kitchen and casually looking through the fridge for a snack.

"Mr. Davis told me they all died. In a car accident or something. An entire family: mom, dad and son." Mikey responded.

The answer surprised me. Why would Davis tell them I had died with my parents? Why didn't he just tell them that I was murdered by Jamia? I was pretty sure the entire town had already figured out who had killed me.

As Mikey and Ray continued their conversation, I heard loud thumps coming from my room, Gerard's new room. I ran up the stairs and walked through the door to see what was going on. The room was a mess, since all his belongings were all over the floor. Gerard didn't seem to mind the messiness, he was too concentrated on walking around, stomping on the floor trying to kill something.

"Come back you little fucker! Stop moving so fast!" he yelled. I leaned over an empty box to see what he was making such a big deal about, and noticed a huge Black Widow spider crawling around the floor. It's pitch black abdomen terrified me. I squealed in horror, a little too loudly, and stepped back, closer to the door. The small creature scrambled around and hid underneath a t-shirt laying on the floor. I was too busy trying to see where the spider was to notice that Gerard was completely paralyzed and was staring straight at me, terror and confusion clouding his eyes.


Okay, so. Here's my lame excuse as to why I haven't updated in over a moth:
First of all, I fucking love every single one of you, okay, and I really really really am sorry I haven't updated and I wouldn't blame you if you hated me. Okay. But like two weeks ago, I was planning on updating but you know how life likes to give you like really good days and then BAM something bad happens and it just ruins you. That's what happened. The week after that, MCR broke up. I was literally like in bed sobbing all week. Then I was gonna update but I started reading fan fiics again (I haven't done in a long time, and there are some pretty amazing stories on here) so I got caught up in that. And I'm also collaborating in this story called Know Your Enemy (you all should check it out-its not really my story, but my co-author is fucking amazing). And I'm currently working on this other lovey-dovey fan-fic which I will post up soon. So, I'm sorry. Btw, this is a filler-ish chapter, the next one will be better. I promise.
Oh and fun fact: Frank is actually afraid of spiders, I didn't make that up.
So thank all of you for reading and (hopefully) not hating me. xo.


Hey are you gonna update this story? Its really good!

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Your story is really good!!

Luca Luca