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Honey Honey Boy


This is based off of an amazing stand alone manga about a girl who is punished by the student body president for simple things such as being late to school. Even though she tries her best to avoid trouble she has a secret want to punished by him. ^-^

Please enjoy and let me know what you think. ^-^


Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Sophmore and all around good student, he just can't seem to stay out of trouble.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Senior Student Body President and in charge of the Disiplinary commitee.

Mikey Way

Mikey Way

Junior Vice President of the Student Body and little brother of the Student Body President


  1. He Is A Sweet Temptation

    He now had four minutes to get into the building, stop at his locker, and get to class. Plenty of time or so he thought.

  2. Clean Me Off

    When Frank makes a mess, Gerard makes sure he cleans it up properly.

  3. Declarations

    Gerard finds out how Frank feels about him.


woah this is great!! ;) x

Stomacha-lien Stomacha-lien

Stop, you are making me blush! I am so not that good. @~@

Thank you for reading...again, and commenting...again? ^-^
momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki
@Giraffes Scare Me

Well you never thought that he would admit anything more did you? ^0^

Thank you for reading and commenting. ^-^
momiji_neyuki momiji_neyuki
Loved it when i read it the first time and still do!! I swear woman you are so gifted! =)
ms.MCR ms.MCR
I totally read the title as Honey Boo Boo... I don't know why.
anyway, this is really good. So much smut, I can't even...
Gerard 'likes' Frankie? Oh lord...