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How Can You See Me With Your Eyes Closed?


Once upon a time in the land of my 12 year old imagination I decided to move to New York with my four best friends and live out my "life-long" dream of creating a band. Well that dream becomes a reality and now my friends and I are travelling the country with my supposed favourite band My Chemical Romance. This story is illed with laughter, love, anger and food fights. Enjoy and your own risk.(That doesn't make sense!) Shut up.


  1. How Can You See Me With Your Eyes Closed?(1) What the Flip?

    The start of all my/your adventures. Your band is in a competition, will you win?

  2. How Can You See Me With Your Eyes Closed?(2) Stupid Jerks!

    Congratulations you won! But was there ever any doubt?*wink* Now you're going on tour! But who will be the band you're going with? Will you like them?

  3. How Can You See Me With Your Eyes Closed?(3) Let's Just Agree To Disagree Okay?

    Holy mama! MCR, Greenday, Good Charlotte and Bert McCracken!? Too bad he's a druggie, psycho. Oh well, maybe your first real concert will make you feel better.

  4. How Can You See Me With Your Eyes Closed?(4) Shenanigins

    Well you and Gerard still hate each, but atleast you're on the road now; too bad it's with them. Now atleast you're starting your tour and they're on a different bus, so things should simmer down right?


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