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Just You And I Your Starless Eyes Remain.

French Accents And Blindfolds

The little black book rested in my hands and I scanned it over. Gerard would slaughter me if he knew I’m snooping, but I had to get to the bottom of this. I slowly reached my hand up and flipped the locked on the door. I didn’t expect Gerard to make an early visit to the bus, but you never know.

I skimmed through it till I found the Name I needed. I fumbled with my cell phone in the jeans pocket, and finally got it out. I started to dial the number and waited as it rang.
“ ‘ello?” came a thick French accent.
“Lila! Hey it’s Frankie, Gerard’s friend.” It was silent, that’s when I realized it was rather stupid to call your friends Ex in the first place.
“Frankie? The short one?”
“Yes, the short one. But look I got to find some things out.”
“And what are these thing?” she started to sound a bit pissed off.
“I- well the band as well, we need to know what happened with you an Gerard. He’s been acting weird.”
The other end was silent for a moment. I bit my lip, waiting for her to say anything.
“Please Lila…” she sighed.
“Gerard was the one who left me. I believed he was cheating. He’d stay out all day and night, come home early in the morning. And do it again when he got up.” I sighed, it wasn’t much help.
“But, I remember he came home really ate in the afternoon, and he had blood all over him. Rambling about he had got jumped, and acted weird and paranoid.” My attention was caught, he came to the show covered in blood today.
“Well yes, I wouldn’t lie to you.”
“It was only once?”
“Just once Frankie.”
I sighed and quickly thanked her, hanging up the phone. I walked out of the room and to my bunk. I laid down and thought what my next move needed to be. I had to find out where Gerard went, and what the fuck he was doing.
“Y’know Frankie, maybe there isn’t anything going on?” Mikey’s voice came from out of no where.
“Huh?” I asked looking to where his voice was, his bunk above me.
“I’ve been thinking, maybe back in New York he hit rock bottom again and that’s why he left Lila. So now instead of it being thrown in his face, he leaves and maybe volunteers at homeless shelters? “

I had to laugh. Even though Mikey is an adult he is, and always will be Gerard’s kid brother. He will always try to find a reasoning in Gerard’s wrong doing. Instead of crushing the kids dreams I just nodded and laid back down.

I know Gerard wouldn’t be using again. I mean I didn’t know it for a fact, but I know him well enough. He would never go back down that path. And I know he isn’t being a volunteer. I let out a long groan and put my pillow over my head. I felt my eyelids get heavy as I thought more of Gerard, but the old Gerard.

“Wake up Iero.” a rough voice whispered in my ear.
I mumbled and turned away, I was no ready to be awake in the slightest bit.
“God dammit Iero I need help, now get your ass out of the bunk and follow me outside.” It was Gerard, he ripped back my covers and pulled my by my arm out of the bunk.
“What the fuck!” I said just above a whisper.
“Put some shoes on, we have a trip we need to make. I’ll be in the car parked in front of the bus.” and he left, like he always did. Leaving me there half asleep, trying to find something to put on my feet.

After I found my Chucks I made it out the front door and saw a black car parked in front of me. Of course, to make things even more sketchy, the windows were tinted black. I lit a cigarette as I opened the passenger side door. As soon as I sat down Gerard tied a blind fold around my eyes., causing me to drop my cigarette on the floor bored. Everything was pitch black.
“Whoah! What the fuck Gerard!?”
“Keep it on and shut the fuck up.” he said.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Frank you really need to shut the fuck up.”

I bit my lip, knowing that if I don’t listen there’s a huge chance that I’d get hit. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I tried to sleep a bit, but my nerves were eating my alive with every silent second that went by with Gerard driving. I felt the car come to a stop, and my passenger door opening just as I heard Gerard close his door.

A pair of unfamiliar hands grabbed me and pulled me out of the car. I herd a light chuckle come from the person holding me.
“This is him?” the voice asked. “He’s a bit tiny, sure he’s gonna be help?”
Gerard scoffed and I felt myself being pulled into Gerard.
“This is my fucking job. Stay the fuck out of my business.” Gerard said in a low voice, I could almost see his face, the blank cold look.
“Whatever Gerard, if you fuck up boss wont be happy.”
“Fuck off!” Gerard said as he pulled me to start walking.

The blindfold was yanked off me. I blinked a few times, looking around as I did so. We were in a parking lot, walking towards a building, in the middle of nowhere. Before we walked into the door Gerard turned to look at me.
“Look at me Frankie.” his voice was soft, like it use to be. My eyes scanned his face as I made contact with his eyes.
“Everything, me disappearing, the blood, the hostile attitude, is all about to make sense. I need you to help me with something though Frankie.” he put his arms on my shoulders.
“What’s going on Gerard?”
“I made mistakes, a fucking lot of mistakes while I was in New York Frankie. And when you fuck up to the point I did, you gotta pay a debt.” my eyes grew a bit wide.
“Gerard… what… what did you do?”
“I don’t have time to go into details as of now. But right now, when we go in there doors do not speak unless spokin’ too. Don’t be a fucking smart ass, just stand still and keep your snout shut.”

I didn’t know why I started to shake, but it started in my feet and soon reached my hands as we walked through the doors of this small warehouse. I had no fucking clue was in store for me, but I was scared out of my fucking mind


Have you given up on this? I hope not, cos it's SO good! X

you should update. now would be good. it would make a little girl happy.
FiveFootFrankie FiveFootFrankie
Great story so far, plzzz update
GrymmCreeper GrymmCreeper
upload please im hooked :) its a great story
Killjoy96 Killjoy96