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Just Ghosts

Just Ghosts

Just Ghosts

Link to my wattpad account (may update sooner than this site):

Any questions about me? Send a message if you want to know anything, and I'll answer as honestly as possible.

I do have a wattpad account (it is a website for writing and stuff, with the same principle as this website)

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: I can't choose! I've been reading past my age group since before I could speak. Literally, I didn't start talking until I was five because of some psychological issues, like anxiety and severe social anxiety. Don't ask me why, but I was deathly afraid to be around people.

Favorite Actor: Reese Witherspoon! She seriously doesn't age, and she is an exceptional actress.

Favorite Hobby: I have a few. Writing, reading, painting, and horse riding. I play several instruments, but I love to write.

Favorite Band: My Chemical Romance of course! But some other bands I listen to are Pierce the Veil, Ghost Town, Hollywood Undead, and a few others that I forgot to mention.

Favorite Show: Supernatural

Favorite Place: The library. If you ever see me, I'll be the one with nerdy glasses, My Chem shirts, and my nose stuck in a book.

Personal Stuff?

I am soon going to be 16 years old, and I live in the United States. I was born in Los Angeles, California and I have lived in several other states. I like traveling whenever I'm not reading, and I spend most of my time just being boring. Like I said before, I have a history of anxiety from an early age, and at one time I was mute. Yes, mute. I am diagnosed with chronic depression, social anxiety, and trichotillomania. If you don't know what that is, it is a disorder where you subconsciously pull or pluck hair from your body. I have had it for a very long time, and it is kinda the same as an addiction to smoking. Only thing is, the hair is always there to give you the desire to pull, where as cigarettes have to be obtained some other way. It can be plucking eyebrows, eyelashes, or the hair on your scalp. I am doing better with it though, and I am working on managing my stress levels. I have three siblings, all of which are bunch of very idiotic people.


Broken Hearts Can't Be Fixed? (Frerard)

Broken Hearts Can't Be Fixed? (Frerard)

NC-17 Romance Horror Teen

*Frerard* Frank goes through a life of hell and misery, but that all changes when he meets a new and even a little scary friend. Can his broken heart be fixed?


9.8 18 Votes
Precious Metals

Precious Metals

NC-17 Romance Horror Sci-fi

*Frerard* Frank Iero is one of the few survivors after a war so soul blackening, only one city survived. Kept safe by a soot covered steel wall from the beasts that roamed the vast wastelands.


9.8 10 Votes
Through Death and Despair

Through Death and Despair

NC-17 Romance Adventure Fantasy

Frerard, will eventually contain sm*tt


10.0 3 Votes