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Google Access Portal Not Functioning

So I recently started to get back into MCR after taking a fairly long break from music and I remembered that I used to love this site. The only problem is, I can't access my original account because it's linked to this site via the google portal. The google portal shows a 500 error so I know it's an error that has to do with the website host. Sadly, I'm not only barred from logging into that account, I also can't remember the password for the actual gmail account so I am unable to access any of the information that's been sent to that email over the last five years. If anyone knows why the google portal isn't working and could explain why I would really appreciate that. Thanks Much

Demo Love Demo Love

The Google portal isn't working because this site is really outdated and Facebook/Google/Tumblr aren't allowing sign ins because this website needs to update it's security and private connection or something like that. I wish I knew the email of the website owner maybe we could get them to update security but I've lost like three accounts.
good to see someone still came back to this platform. It's bittersweet.