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I have a question.

I'm not sure if anyone still goes on these forums but because of my lack of social media & other friends who are interested I'll ask here.

So my friend introduced me to the wonderful mcr in the summer and I was thrilled to find a band that I adored so much and found so relatable. I was hooked incredibly quickly and have barely listened to anything else for the past few months. I even introduced another friend to them and she really liked them too.

However these two friends have recently started saying that I am "too" obsessed with the band and while I admit that I am extremely fond of them and that I make a lot of references I don't think that I am as bad as they make out. It's not as if I don't talk about other things. They've also started being rude about me shipping frerard and saying that it's disgusting to ship real people together, especially when they are both married with children. I understand where they are coming from here but it's not that I don't respect Frank and Gerard's life choices and I would never try to force them together or say anything about it if I ever had the chance to meet them or say something that either one of them would be likely to see on social media if I had any. I just like to read other people's stories and imagine what might happen if things had happened differently and they ended up together.

I don't know. Maybe I'm completely overreacting. But what do you guys think? Should I stop talking about such things with them unless they bring it up? Or should I just ignore what they're saying and carry on anyway?

- L

LinguisticFrogs LinguisticFrogs

As Gerard said, it’s okay to love something a little much. It just means you’re really passionate, sweetie. Some people don’t get the shipping Frank and Gerard together because I know I didn’t in the beginning. Then I heard the rumors and the story and it set a fire in my heart. One I hadn’t felt for years, and that was to write. We can all distinguish what’s real and what’s just a fantasy. So I say you talk about what makes you happy as much as you want to because it’s unfair of them to try and make you limit yourself. And honestly, good friends would let you ramble on about anything you wanted for as long as you wanted.
I know this response is late, but I hope you’re doing okay now, honey. Much love! -OAIF <3

Thank you for your reply! I'm sorry this is so late - I forgot the email address I use for this website. Although this isn't such a big issue any more it does occasionally come up so what you said helps. I tend not to mention the ship around them these days but when I do they don't get as frustrated or disgusted as they used to.
Thank you again,
- L

LinguisticFrogs LinguisticFrogs

I don't know if you still use this website because it's saying you haven't updated any of your stories for a few months but I have the mcr killjoys amino app now if you want to be friends or something (this is a desperate attempt for friendship but you seem cool). My user name is the same as it is on here.
- L

ps. I realise you might not have amino but it's cool. There's lots of fanfic, memes, art and other stuff. The people there are nice.

LinguisticFrogs LinguisticFrogs