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So Fabulous

Prologue: The Returns

The following events to So Good, Dove, Booboo and Cameron enjoys for California, meanwhile Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray gets returned to training room. And now... Becomes new sequel So Fabulous.

Gerard: Wow! Homecoming training room!
Mikey: Wow Sure!
Frank: Hey Gerard
Gerard: Yes
Frank: There are this new instruments
Gerard: Wow!
Ray: Okay Gerard
Gerard: Wait!
Frank, Mikey and Ray: What?
Gerard: Listening by me, okay

Meanwhile, Dove, Booboo and Cameron visit to airplane and back to New Jersey and return to training room alongside Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray.

Cameron: Wait! I got message for Gerard
Dove and Booboo: What?
Cameron: Yes!
Dove: Okay, when message for Gerard, Booboo
Booboo: Yes, Come on Dove and you Cameron
Cameron: Okay

Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray ready for new instruments, Dove, Booboo and Cameron back to training room and their reunites.

Gerard: And now new instruments
Frank: Yes
Ray: Wow
Frank: Wait Gera...
Mikey: Shhh... Quiet Frank!
Frank: Mikey!
Dove: Hello guys!
Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray: Dove?

(Dove, Booboo and Cameron back to training room)

Gerard, Frank Mikey and Ray: Dove, Booboo, Cameron!

(Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray hugs reunites Dove, Booboo and Cameron)

Dove: Okay Gee, thanks
Booboo (shaking hands to Gerard and his members): Thanks Gerard
: And now got reunites
Dove, Booboo and Cameron: HEY YEY!

Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray get ready reunites Dove, Booboo and Cameron got new instruments.



This story are 40 chapters every Tuesday are 5 chapters, David Duchovny would not return this story and new character are secret.


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