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Dirty laundry pg 1

Gerard's life was well, different... he loved it that way. It was the way he grew up. And maybe it was childhood bias, but Gerard felt it was one of the best ways he could've been brought up.
All his life he was surrounded by animals and attention capturing scenes, whether they be terrorizing or funny and sometimes even just colorful he absolutely loved them. They helped him during his lifetime and he didn't even remember most of his childhood besides prancing around with splashes of colors.
He often found himself stuck in a dillema. much like today.
"What did your mother look like? What was she like? If you didnt have a mother what was your caretaker like? Draw and express how you felt about them."
That was the lesson topic that they had assigned them.
But Gerard couldn't do it.
He had no memories of his mother. He remembered seeing her once. She had long brown hair and was...tall?
her face... what did her face look like??
He thought back to the memory her face was a blank space of blurs.
He sighed. He knew he had a mother its not like she was never around, she was around all his life up until a few years ago. He just never bothered to memorize her. He felt her presence but never acknowledged it. Who else had tooken care of him?
His brother!
wait. Did he have a brother?? Hmm.
He knew there was another human in the house...
The problem with Gerard was that he never really looked back at the past so this was a problem for him. He often times lived in the moment and danced with the shadows of the other world. The one who puppeteered this world.
He shrugged it off as he left the class.
He went home to his tiny living space in an apartment flat.
He looked through an old box filled with stuff that was sent from america.
Pictures never really mattered to him. If he wanted to remember something it better be memorable enough to be worthy of taking up brain space.
He looked at pictures and there was tiny Gerard laying on the floor grasping the air like a child next to a woman.
He remembered this...
He was trying to grab a monkey's tail but it kept taunting him but he didn't mind. He felt like a cat playing with string. He also felt cute.
And there it appeared. The memory that was being revived was begining to carve itself on the laminated photo.
The pink money sitting on a bright purple tree.
The entire picture seemed to remake itself in the image that he remembered.
The grass being a neon yellow and the sky swirling with a baby pink.
and bam. The woman next to him was simply a glare caught in the camera view. He squeezed his eyes and reopened them, straining his eyes to try and make out any facial feautures that may not have been covered by the imaginary glare created by his mind.
He shook the image and back to normal it was. He glared at the woman. but still there were issues. yeah she was tall, long and brown hair but her face was like a bunch of smeared skintones.
"having some trouble?" frank asked and gerard slightly jumped at his sudden appearance.
There was frank, looking pasty as usual.
No, really.
his skin tone was made of paint strokes and everything about him was abstract colored and the nice swirl of hair beside his eye was layered and beautiful.
"Yeah, can you describe this woman to me?"
Frank peered down to the picture.
"lets see... uhm. Ugly?" Frank snorted and Gerard whacked him with the picture. Luckily for frank it passed right through him and he poofed into smoke, soon rematerializing and smiling cheesily at gerard.


Comment? Suggestions? UHm kay thanks, I havent been on here in over a year.


This is different, very interesting.