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Afternoon With a Vampire.

Minefield cats

"BOB There is no vampires. People have proved it. Science is reliable y'know. C'mon lets go home already" I smacked Bob slightly over the head and sighed.i finish doodling my picture of Deadpool and stuff in my bag talking ass we head outside the school the the cloudy and rainy outside.
"C'mon frank you grew up the same way everybody did! You grew up in this town alongside everyone I don't understand how you can be so different." He shook his head
"Well, science always has my back and well... it's just not possible." I sighed out. He groaned.
"Whatever. Later frank." He got on his bike quickly turning away and riding home.
I sighed in a relief
It's such a hard thing to keep a secret. Holy shiiit. Dude I am like the most obsessed with fucking vampires but I rather not show it. I hopped on my bike and quickly road home tossing my bike in a bush and rushing inside. I've been waiting all DAY!! My book was supposed to get here a few hours ago and I'm pretty sure my mom has it put away for safe keeping until I got home.
I slammed the door closed locking it. I quickly tore off my shoes knowing they were muddy from the slight drizzle outside. Running to the kitchen I almost slipped on the tile floor with my socks, I grabbed the box and ran up to my room locking that door too. I opened the window to let the low light in. slowly I sat down on my small rocking chair in the corner surrounded with books and books of vampires. I took a breath in as I slid open the box.
I sat and began to read.
I read until one a.m.
I yawned slightly tired.
"Huh only four more chapters." I tossed the book to the side. I looked out my window realizing it was rainy as fuck and the storm clouds were gathering and having lightning.
A flash of lightning lit the small castle in the mountains up. Our town was small, and isolated. We aren't still like out dated and stuff but people don't usually move away or move into this small town. All the kids kind of just grew up together I don't know why I'm so different but I rather not be proud of being obsessed with vampires. The small castle was ages old and it used to be a tourist attraction but they had to shut it down after a couple people died from standing in trap doors and accidentally getting lost.
Apparently no one exactly knows their way around the castle. As the story goes there was a young vampire who used to live in the castle with his parents. They were servants and they were tossed around like a couple of dogs. Finally as the young boy reached the age of 16 he lashed out at the king and queen and brutally murdered everyone in the castle household whoever treated them like animals. And anyone who tried to go up against him after that was drained.From what people have told me inside of the gates to the castle is a graveyard you have to pass and an abandoned bridge that's super old and it's practically falling apart piece by piece.
i pull on my yellow raincoat and my shiny red boots.(i don't wanna catch a cold!) i pull out a huge flashlight from my dresser and leave my room

i race down the stairs to the door and walk out.
i grab my bike and ride like there's no tomorrow.
towards the castle to the mountains!
once there i drop my bike.
the gates have a giant chain and a padlock.
"for your safety KEEP OUT" the yellow sign reads. i pull on one of the gate doors and it creaks open a couple of inches but then stops because of the chain.
i squeeze through feeling fat. hehehe
turning on my light i begin to walk slowly, looking around and poking stuff with a stick in found on the ground. eventually i reach a small black picket fence. i hop over it with ease and look around for a bit reading some tomb stones.

"Gerard Way, died for his brother served for his love" i read out. "COOL!" excitement overwhelmed me. suddenly i heard a loud creak and a scream. i squealed with joy "finally a real encounter!" i ran towards the noise which happened to be on the other side of the grave yard running and fangirling like a princess i tripped on a grave. Michael James Way, served until his heart was lost and died at first encounter. "DAMN IT MIKEY!" i giggled to myself a bit dusting myself off and picking up my flashlight.
I reached the end of the graveyard which was relatively small and hopped over the fence. just a few feet away was a gigantic trench that was filled with smarming bugs. "AWWWESO0ome!" i fangirled once more. i threw a stone into the trench and it was immediately covered in bugs. COo0ol!
the only thing that made it possible to go through was a gigantic metal broken bridge with pieces of wood here and there which were broken. the top had metal bars for extra support. i put the end of my flashlight in my mouth
they seemed sturdy enough so i reached up and hung on to one. (i was the best at monkey bars in kindergarten)
as i made my way across there were more creaks and it seemed as though the bugs started whispering.
as i reached for the next bar i heard an especially loud creak. i grabbed the next bar and the previous bar broke and fell away leaving me grasping onto the bar with one arm dangling and the other holding for dear life.
my grip was loosening and i was about to fall. "THIS IS SOOOO COOL!" I fangirled as i got a better grip and continued. whoops i dropped my light.
as i reached the end both the bars i was on broke and i fell slamming half my torso on the other side of the trench and my feet were hanging. i grasped onto the grass as excitement overwhelmed me once more "wahoo!" i screamed out as i swung my legs around a bit. i dragged myself up and rolled over laying down on the grass that smelled like shit. i sighed smiling to myself. the fog was lifting up anytime soon and this place was creepy! i love it
i looked into the trench not seeing my flashlight anywhere. i sighed and continued thanking god for a bit less heavy rain and a clear light from the full moon. i was all warm and happy inside from my near death encounter. I mean it's no vampire encounter but this is some cool shit! "I'M ALL WARM AND FUZZY" I said i bit too loudly actually suddenly feeling joy again for a weird reason

Mystery person POV
Goddamn it! no matter how many scary noises i put or how many bars i break this kid is nowhere near scared it's just igniting more fucking curiosity.
this idiot already walked by me like three times and he just wouldnt fucking get chills instead
he says he's "warm and fuzzy??" what the actual fuck


ok so ive been meaning to write this for over three months now but i have literally sixteen more stories on the way on this website. i havent uploaded them but i intend to!
ok so im super happy i finally got this here.
so btw i have this story on wattpad my name is @MyLoveOhMyHeart
i also have a seperate thing for the small doodles and drawings i did in class that kinda helped me think up a new story theyre just doodles and i put little to no effort in them so dont expect much this is only the link for the images but if you want the story you can check out my prof love you all so much!
please at least rate this story so far!
its near four a.m and im tired of texting friends who are in mexico and europe. bleh


XDXDXD he's such a nerd

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Omg thanks so much!

I can't wait to see where this goes :D


Love it so far!

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