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Obsessions of an Iero

Obsessions of an Iero

My back is slammed into the wall and his hands grab my legs and put them around his waist I can feel him hard on and hes kissing my neck leaving purple marks all over.
"g-god Gerard just fuck me" I pant out. my shirt is ripped off and he places kisses all over my chest.
Hes moaning like a cheap whore and its a total turn on.
My pants and his disappear and hes touching me all over. I'm moaning and I throw my head back calling out his name.
"fuck Frankie. " he hushes out
"Gerard.." I breath out
"say it again" he growls Into my neck.
"Gerard! " I moan.
"GERARD! " I practically scream out his name.
I jolt up from my bed face flushed red and a little problem down stairs.I groan not wanting to wake up from the dream.
I attempt to go back to sleep but I'm achingly hard
I stumble to the restroom and take care of myself then get ready for school.A little bit of eyeliner.A little bit of black-I take that back like 99.9°/• black clothes I'm practically emo.
a pull on a hoodie to cover my scars and newly healing cuts.
So whats my problem?I'm in love with a beautiful boy who has NEVER noticed me.He's probably never even heard of a frank iero.I know I should try to move on. But.I don't have anyone else Hes perfect. He loves comics David Bowie and Greenday and he can draw. He's a dog person and hates cats.
I dont know how to get over him.But I know ill never have him.He has a girlfriend. Her names Lindsey and they kiss. Nothing too sexual just a peck on the cheek, forehead or nose. Everyone thinks they're a cute couple. The stupid teachers aww at every fucking thing they do. Like jesus get over it. I pull on my backpack and walk to the garage to feed my dogs Wilfred and Simon.As they start eating I grab my bike and ride out to school.
Great its raining again.
I pull my hood on and ride as fast as I can without falling and make it to school sitting by my only three friends Who are still stupidly sitting in the rain.
Shaun Neil and Tim.
we start talking about making a band called pencey prep but midway through lightening and thunder scare Shaun and Tim shitless so we run into the cafeteria. I groan as we take a seat at an open table again we start talking but 23.666 seconds in and food in thrown at us along with a tin can at the back of my head.

I smash my hands on the table and turn around to the now quiet cafeteria. The anger and heat radiating off of my face. I glare and they stare back blankly.
Something or better yet someone catches my eye. I look over and see Gerard kissing Lindsey on the forehead hugging her paying no attention to me.


so hello I'm Goat and I'm insane and usually write fluffy stories with Gerard and frank being immediately attracted to each other.
I have never written smut but like I read alot of it.
Lately ive been thinking. "What do people like?"
well thats at least what alot of my friends say
So here goes everything and my reputation of fluffy stories.
Hope you enjoy.
Please comment I wanna hear criticism and if I should continue!


Don't worry chapters on the way right after I stop being a dipshit pussy and help out Love is a Four Letter Colour.


No problem and I've been a subscriber

yahaboo yahaboo

Thanks XD

Love it!

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