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Give me all your poison... (FRERARD)

Old Stories

“I’m not addicted!” Gerard cried, and then scrunched up his nose, “Wait what?”

Frank fluttered his hands around in a circle, “I found your cabinet of alcohol, in the kitchen, pills that were practically empty!”

“You’re fucking kidding me right?” Gerard starts, walking towards the bed. Eyes wide, and teeth clenched “So you just assumed I took all those pills, drank all that alcohol?” he's fuming now, black hair hanging haphazardly in his face.

Frank leans further against the pillows, and scoffs. “Well, where else did it go?”

“You wouldn’t understand, of course you wouldn’t. You’re a fucking kid, and I forgot.” says Gerard. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he walks over to the window and sits down.

“I’m not a kid.” Frank protests, fisting the sheets.

The older man is facing towards the glass, head in his hands. “Just because you have a kid, doesn't mean you aren’t a kid.” Gerard sighs loudly, “You’re barely out of high school. I’m going to be twenty-four in about five months, and you’re barely brushing the legal age for alcohol.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“What I’m trying to say is that you can’t just assume things. You can’t assume i’m addicted to alcohol, you can’t just assume that I have drug issues.” Gerard turns back around, only to see Frank has his eyes shut tight. “You can’t assume-”

Frank stops him, “You can’t do that. You can’t do that!”

“You can’t just assume that you-”

Frank slams his fists hard onto the mattress, the light shaking above him. “You are not allowed to think anything for me. Don’t come in here, and tell me you were so worried about me, and then try to fucking tell me...that of all things!”

“You can’t say you love me when you don’t even know me!” Gerard sobs. His eyes are red, and he starts to rub them with the back of his hands. “Frank, I barely know anything about you. This relationship has gone so fast.”

“You said it first! You said it first, and now, of all things-” Frank laughs, “Of all things, you’d break it off?”

“Frank you need to understand.”

“Understand what? That you’re a coward.” He spits, “Gerard Way, a coward. How fitting.”

“Shut the fuck up. Shut the motherfucking fuck up.” Gerard fumes, vibrating where he stands.

Frank scoffs, “Oh, feighn your innocence will you? I can see right past it.”

“You of all people, I would have at least thought, would understand.” Gerard sobs, walking fast out of the room. The door slams hard behind him.

“That’s right,” Frank screams, “Run you motherfucking coward!”

The door bursts open suddenly, a tall ashy blonde kid with glasses stomping in. Pointing at Frank, his eyebrows scrunched together. “Cut it out, you fucking twat.” he spits, “Don’t talk to Gerard like that. he is not a coward.”

“Who are you, kid?” Frank seethes, pushing himself further up in the bed, “To think you have some kind of reign over me?” he narrows his eyes, “You the other guy he's been fucking, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m his brother, asshole.”

Frank blinks, wide eyed. “Gerard doesn't have a brother, he would have told me.”

“No he wouldn’t of. I haven’t even seen him in over two years, until I get some desperate call about his dying boyfriend.” Mikey says calmly, folding his hands up to his chest. “He used to be addicted Frank, and then he got off his alcohol. He’s addicted to other stuff now.”

“Like his stupid depression medicine?”

“No, like people. Like people he loves.” Mikey explains, raising his eyebrows high. Frank shakes his head.

“He doesn’t love me, he just said so. He didn’t even tell me he was addicted!” Mikey opens his mouth, “When someone truly loves you, they tell you things like that.”

“How is he suppose to trust you? He literally had barely been out of a ufcking abusive relationship for only a year. Do you know what Valentine used to do to him? You probably can’t even guess.”

“Wait, I thought they broke up because he had gone crazy? Went to jail?”

Mikey exhales, slowly. “He used to use him as a fucking carving board. A punching bag. He used to sell Gerard.”

“How can you sell someone?” asks Frank, clearly confused.

“Valentine used to sell him. As a sex toy. To make money.” Mikey says quietly. His jacket scratches against his arm as he wipes his eyes. “He would come home on Christmas, I remember, always without Valentine. They dated from Senior Year, to his second year in SVA. He’d smile and laugh, and eat, and act happy. Always fussing over his sleeves, pulling them down his arms and getting like...really upset when anybody would even touch his back.” Mikey continued.

“They dated that long?” Frank gasps. He can hardly believe someone like Gerard would let himself be abused for such an amount of time. “What about his back…?”

“Have you ever actually seen his back?” Mikey asks, Frank shakes his head, “It’s covered in cigarette burns, and a bunch of scars. I walked in the bathroom one time when he was at home, and he had his shirt off. It’s not good Frank.” Right then a small girl with black hair pokes her head inside the room.

“We gotta go babe.” She shoots Frank a small smile.

Mikey nods, “Frank, I think you should think about this okay?”

“Okay. Sure.” Frank say’s blankly, looking towards the ceiling instead at Mikey.

He hears the door closed quietly behind them.


im so sorry for being gone so long. and for shitty chapters.
and btw mikey is seven years younger than gerard in this story.

XoXo Sage

asdfghjkl; missed u gois
watch it bitch



http://www.yummly.com/recipes/vegan-seitan-noodle-soup it was seitan meat! so it was fake :)

Just found this, just read chapter 5, one question, why did Frank order CHICKEN soup??? In a VEGAN restaurant??? Other than that, I like it so far! X


funofme funofme
Wow that was good.. ON TO BOOK TWO!haha
Why you no update?????
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