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Learning How To Smile

Rec ● April 14

Rec ●

Gerard sets the camera down on the pile of pillows on his bed. His arm showing up in the footage as he sets it down.
Gerard quickly flinches as he hear a smack his hazel eyes dart around his room the brown wood walls covered in photos posters and artwork. He sighs rubbing his tired hungover eyes. The red shines under his bottom lashes as if it were make-up but in reality its not.

"so I uh went to a party last night up in N.Y" He says a bit hesitant and barely audible. His voice sounding dry and cracked. "I'm guessing my brother brought me back. Cause I'm in my old room here in Newark" he sighs out once more before continuing "its kinda depressing hes younger than me but has more control over his life and he takes care of me lots. Uh so I met this guy named Frank, and well actually" he furrows his eyebrows hesitantly as if trying to remember "actually we've known him for a bit. When we go out and do some recording hes there sometimes we chat a lot and hes a pretty cool guy hes there but hes not like a can I have you signature fan girl or some shit like that but uhm he seems to enjoy our music. So last night we decided to invite him into the band since we needed an extra guitarist he said yeah we were all happy then we went to a bar me & frank got drunk got politely escorted out of the bar safely and I guess I was driven home by Mikey.
I dont know what happened to frank though he seemed to be just as drunk as me from what I remember. Uhm so I hope hes alive... yeah. I have a huge headache, ive drank coffee and a lot of aspirin currently I can't figure out whether or not I would care if I O.D on aspirin. Im too tired to know if I can even do that I cant think straight and my brain hurts.
I" Gerard is cut off by sudden movement and a loud groan. He screams out and backs closely against the wall staring intently at the messy floor filled with blankets, books, clothes and other trash. Another groan escapes the floor as gerard turns paler and hops out the door.
Suddenly a short man stumbles into the camera view light skin and short hair he groans stumbling to and fro. Using the matress to support himself. He has tattoos jumbled over his body and a visible lip piercing. "Fucking shit" he mutters. Walking out of the door the camera falls over falling on to the bed only showing darkness.
in the background noises of groaning crashing and falling fills the house.
"Haroly shit Frank I thought you were some fucking hobo who snuck into my house!" Gerards voice echos "font fucckung screaaaammm. Dog gammit. Oi ga ta hail." Frank groans loudly.
▶ ||
Frank picks up a candle from a small table and throws it groaning and holding his head once the wax thuds against the wall.
"are you still drunk?" Gerard asks knowing frank isnt ever angry serious or violent.
"ido nyow ass hyole." He groans storming out the front door. gerard now realizing frank was only in his boxers runs out the door retrieving frank.
After some careful doing and dragging And yelling ANd avoiding cars AND doing the shitting of pants Gerard finally gets frank back inside the house and lets him rest in his bed.

Turning off the camera he also fall asleep stiffly next to frank who by now curled up in a ball soon enough sleeping out the hangover


So I'm really hesitant about uploading this I dont mean to call out for attention but im kinda scared about some weird shit. Idefk why. Im just legitimately paranoid for no reason. I mean I know theres no hate-ah screw It im just gonna upload this before my computer crashes.
Anyways I went to a gerard way concert with NewBoy & UmbrellaGirl. We had fun. We held Umbrella up higher but then a security guard who has NO SOUL made her get down. Uhm I think NewBoy lost his blink-182 t-shirt. He took it off after someone spilled beer on him but idk what happened someone stole boy's shirt while it was on his head. It might've fallen off of him and then got pulled into the crowd magically.
Idk anyway it was actually a while ago at the marquee theatre in tempe az usa.
:) totally worth the 200 $ I spent.
(got them at the last minute so I had to buy 'spensive ones :'} worth it)



Probably not but still yayyyyy


Hahaha lol thankss! Im sure you wouldve made someone happy anyways today. ♥♡

YAY I made someone happy! Also I love your name. At first I was like who the hell is goat and then I was like oh sweeeeet


Dude thaanks
Oh my garsh im so happy :D
Virtual huugggs
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