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We Can Live Like Jack And Sally If We Want

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Frank grumbled and slammed his locker shut, unhappy that his next subject was double trigonometry. As he did he nearly flew out of his skin when he saw Miss Fey standing behind the door, looking expectantly at him. After restarting his heart he looked over to her and shook his head. 'Ahm yes Miss?'

'You have some impressive anger management issues there Frank…' she tittered, feeling where his locker had been slammed so many times it had left a dent in his neighbours locker. Actually he didn't really have a neighbour…the last guy had moved down a few rows due to Frank's regular temper tantrums.

'Anyway that's not what I came to you for. Alice Murray's task in art is to be a Tim Burton movie, how interesting I thought as I know you are an avid fan of his…she's new you know, and quite shy. I would like for you two to be partners. I feel you could feed off one another's creativity a great deal.' Miss Fey beamed at the short boy who was staring at her as if she had two heads.
'Good I'll take that as a yes, good day!' she waved and hurried away quickly before he could object.

'Um…Frank? I'm not sure Miss…' Alice looked at the teacher with wide eyes. Miss Fey seemed nice…much nicer than her art teacher back in London who despised her for being better at art than him. But Miss Fey also seemed a great deal crazier too.

'Yes Frank. Iero. He's in a few of your classes I believe and you both have very similar interests. You could really feed off one another's creativity. I think you two will get along just fine.' the teacher pushed her glasses up and Alice wavered.

'It's just…I don't think he likes me very much Miss.' Alice bit her lips, an annoying habit she hated. Miss Fey dithered over that and then smiled again. 'He can just seem a bit…anti social dear but he's just angry. Underneath it all is just a lost teenager waiting to burst out in creative freedom!'

Alice was sure Frank could burst, but more in an angry fit when he found out he had to be paired with her. She was pretty sure no person had ever taken such a dislike to her that soon in her entire life…except for. "No." she thought inwardly. She would not think about that. This was a new start.

'Well I'll trust your judgement Miss…' Alice drifted off then sighed. 'I have calculus now so I'll see you in class tomorrow.'

'Alright have a good day Alice!' Miss Fey waved cheerfully and Alice treaded out of the art room, making her way self consciously around the corner when she nearly bumped into the man of the hour himself.

'Watch it.' his favourite line was blurted from his lips before he could help it. Alice froze to her spot and blinked at Frank's angry face in front of her. The first time she saw it she couldn't help but notice his eyes. They were the only soft thing about him - green with a pool of dark hazel in the middle. He lifted one slim eyebrow and glanced towards the art room.
'Did she talk to you too?' he rolled his eyes and Alice nodded nervously. 'She paired me up with…um, you. Because she said you liked Tim Burton too and we would-'

'-feed off one another's creativity?' he quoted the teacher with a sneer. Alice nodded, almost lightly smiling and nodding. 'I'm guessing you heard. She seems, um…a few fries short of a happy meal.'

Frank snorted a laugh before he could help it and then sighed. 'I have to go to class. I was coming here to argue with her but I guess she's gone.' he shrugged and she looked down.

'I can do the work if you want, I don't mind.' Alice shrugged and Frank frowned. 'First day at school and you're already offering to do people's homework? This is going to be a fun term for you.' he began to walk away. 'Stay away from the jock's lockers.' he coughed and laughed then saw Gory walking out and caught up with him.

'Hey dude.' he smiled and Gory looked back, frowning. 'Who was that chick?'
'Some new girl I got paired with…' Frank left it at that and sighed, glancing back one last time before making his way out of that hell hole.

Alice Bluebell Murray sat at her kitchen table, tapping her puppy printed pencil against the wood. Her mother was still working at her new job and the unfurnished house seemed eerie with the quietness and unpacked boxes strewn everywhere. She shivered in the coldness since the heating hadn't been sorted out yet and picked up her warm Radiohead hoodie.

She sat back after finishing the small bit of maths she had and contemplated the day. The school was pretty good, much like the one she attended back in London. She'd made a friend in Trig, Clara, a short, Asian punk kid who had asked her what bands she 'digged' and turns out they had similar taste.

Then there was Frank. No matter what else happened that day, it was his permanent scowl she couldn't erase from her mind. His wide green-brown eyes, his dark hair that stuck up in tufts, his icy glare, his short yet lean body, his perfectly shaped eyebrows. That tattoo she could see sneaking out from his left sleeve, the piercing on his right nose. A typical 'badboy'. She wondered why he was so angry…maybe that was what was cool around here. Either way it had really messed up her first day. Part of her was anxious and really not looking forward to seeing him in art tomorrow…

But then another part, the more curious part of her…really was.


Aww...poor Frankies in denial!
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Please write more soon! Me gusta c: