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All is Fair in Love and War - Temporarily on Hiatus

Chapter 3 - The Plan

Narrator's POV

The set up seemed rather simple. The 3 human men carried with them as much digital information about Earth as their ship could hold. Music, movies, history, literature - things a person from Earth would want to remember and others would be interested in as well. They were given plenty of removable drives to expand the storage capacity. Most of those were to familiarize themselves with their new home and betrothed. Nothing was set in stone until everyone had a chance to meet and spend some time together, but each had a suggested pairing. This was determined based on an extensive series of personality tests that was given to them in the first week they had spent in the government compound.

On a separate ship headed the opposite direction, 3 nervous but excited, young Corlians were in the same situation. They were on their way to marry the unborn children of the President of the United States, British Prime Minister, and President of China. Only the highest ranking officials on both planets knew about the gender differential, but they were confident that it would work. The Corlian King was confident that his science and medical team could bridge the gap in gender and lifespan as well. He didn't want his people to fall in love with their mates, only to outlive them 200 years.

Both planets knew the matter was of utmost secrecy due to the fact that their shared enemy, Killame, would love nothing more then to stop this alliance by any means necessary. Killame was previously in negotiations with both peoples but the excessive demands and cruel business practices ultimately halted the talks. Ships carrying the people in cryosleep automatically remain cloaked and shielded. Its standard practice to have an early warning system if any unknown ship comes within close range. But there was still more than a healthy dose of concern knotting everyone's stomach.

Corlians lifespan being so much longer then human, it was agreed upon that they would awaken from cryosleep 1 year before landing. It was this one detail that saved the human race from complete extinction.


Hey there guys! Thx to those of those taking an interest in this. I re-wrote the first 2 chpts since I threw them up a little too hastily. I will be updating Bulletproof Heart either tonight or tomorrow morning. Pls!!! Subscribe, Comment, Refer me to a friend...

Check out my girl momiji_neyuki She is the main reason I'm stretching WAY out of my comfort zone, writing on this site instead of just reading all of your lovely work.



Thx! Its like I have all the puzzle pieces in my hands, but they're not quite gelling yet. But I'm close. At this point, I don't want to just put out some garbage to get it off my plate.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

Soooooooo loonking forward to this being continued, but take your time, no rush.

I hope you're doing okay! This story is so good, hopefully you'll update again at some point :)

killjoybyname killjoybyname

really can't wait!

emoqueen emoqueen


Thank you so much! That means a lot. I have a lot planned for this. Hopefully I can pull myself together soon. There was just too many things pressing in at once.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B