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All is Fair in Love and War - Temporarily on Hiatus

Chapter 13 - The Landing Part 1

Andy's POV

Every slide under the microscope started to run together in my mind. The image blurred but rubbing my eyes no longer brought it into focus. Long nights had quickly became all night lab tests once the autopsies confirmed my worst fears. Who had ever heard of a poison that mimicked a virus, one that grew slowly, taking weeks to kill it's victim? I needed sleep in the worst way but we needed a miracle. If anyone else developed this "virus", I had to be prepared with an antidote. So, when anyone tried to get me to take a break, to eat or sleep, I brushed them off. The lies were starting to pile sky high. I'm fine, I just ate, took a nap, had a break, sure I'm ok without an assistant. Not that anyone wanted to work on this project with me anyways. Hopefully it was the fact that I was working with a deadly poison, and not because they didn't want to work with me personally.

Everything else I'd come to view as normal had spun out of control very quickly. The pressure of it all started to get to me. Of course, Gee had so much more placed on him, so I tried to think of that when I struggled. But ze had Frank now. Gee walked around like a different person these days, still focused and responsible when ze had to be, but lighter too. Ze was free in a way I had never felt. Maybe my Human mate will do something to me as well because I just feel dead inside. Truthfully, I've felt dead inside for years, I just haven't told anyone. I love Gee and Mikey and loved PA and Ent as well. But there was thin giant, empty gap I didn't know how to fill. How can you fill a gaping hole when you don't even know what it is that has been missing? For years I thought it was losing my Pa young and the fact I never had a Ent, but the older I get, the more I think that isn't it. Throwing myself in my career hasn't helped, although when I progressed quickly in my field, I did feel satisfaction. Yes, that brought me joy but that's mostly because I'm happy helping others. Maybe I just needed to share my life with someone.

Glancing at my watch, I realized I needed to hurry if I going to make it to the landing early like Gee wants. I put all the slides back into their specific containers telling myself not to rush on this part, because safety is the most important thing. Slowly, I locked up all hazardous slides and equipment. Soon, my lab was cleaned to my standards and I stripped off my outer gloves. It is then that I noticed a very small tear in the thumb of one glove. Swallowing down my panic, I trashed the gloves in the bio-hazard bin. I inspected my inner gloves carefully, but saw nothing. No tears, rips or holes. I washed them with hot water and anti bacterial soap. No water came through. I sighed in relief and carefully stripped out of those and chucked them in the same trash as the other. I washed my bare hands about 10 times, scrubbing them until they were red and fairly raw.

I headed to the Royal Courtyard/Landing sight and forced myself to think of anything other than what just happened. Mikey has been acting strangely for a few weeks. At first, I thought it was the upcoming landing, but I don't think that's it. Ze is acting like ze did when ze was a kid at had something ze was keeping from us. Not sure if Gee has noticed, but I wouldn't be surprised if ze has. Gee notices everything. Which means ze knows I'm no ok. I'd actually hoped to speak with both of them before the landing. Maybe if I hurry, I still can.



Mikey's POV

I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling with my stomach in knots. The cup of hot tea in my hands did nothing to ease my nervous energy. There were so many different things that weighed upon me that they were beginning to collect into one giant jumble of worry. The landing was to take place in about an hour. Gee was certainly there already and would be calling soon if I wasn't there soon. What could I say if ze did? I couldn't very well tell zir the truth, could I? That I'd been secretly conversing with the Princess of the Killians, the people getting ready to decimate Earth and possibly us too? That many Killians wanted peace and together we're trying to find a way to help stop this war with as little bloodshed as possible? I was sure she wasn't involved. I planned on informing Gee and Andy as soon as I could but they were occupied with other worries. The hardest part for me is that I already felt useless. They both had clear jobs and contributions to our people - Gee's is obvious, but Andy has also worked just as hard for us in the medical department. Ze is probably the hardest working Corlian on this planet, quietly and humbly. But what do I bring into the equation? I didn't think I was particularly suited for anything that would help. If If it turned out that I was wrong about Kerry, not only would I been useless, I'd be unwittingly deadly.


Dec, 2088

I never worried about finding a special someone. So when I was told that we were going into negotiations with a few planets, well, I admit was curious. It mostly struck me as an opportunity to check out the possibility of having some fun. It opened up a whole new field of girls. It wasn't until we were seated at the Welcome Dinner that I realized just how shallow and stupid I had been. That night changed my life forever, for good and for ill.

We weren't grouped by planet as you would expect, but rather scattered throughout the tables in order to give everybody a chance to get to know someone new. On my right was Princess Kerry, Queen Iman of Killi's daughter. Seated across from me, was the Queen herself, looking radiantly beautiful but cold and unhappy. I'm not sure if I believe in love at first sight but if it exists that's what happened between the Princess and I. Her flawless skin was mocha colored and her brown eyes almond shaped. But for the first time, there was something far more than appearance drawing me in, although she was gorgeous. We introduced ourselves, then I politely took her hand and kissed the back of it. I felt an electrical charge that started on my lips and moved through my whole body. Judging by the look on her face, she felt something out of the ordinary as well. The Queen also had a look on her face but it was one that showed she didn't like us even sitting together. Iman had sharp cheekbones and the same flawless, mocha skin. But there was an ugliness inside her, some evil that you could see in her eyes and tainted her natural beauty. We talked all throughout dinner about what our respective planets were like, carefully discussed what it was like to be children of rulers and how you could never really be yourself or get to know others because of their preconceived notions of you. Much of time, we would wait until the Queen herself was speaking, then tried to converse in hushed tones. I was sure the Queen eavesdrop very well, but I didn't know if you can talk and listen at the same time. Even this was done very carefully so as not to seem suspicious. I tried to alternate a heavier subject with a light one that we could speak about at a lighter volume. Toward the end of dessert, I glanced at her mother, and caught a strange look. I didn't understand where the hostility was coming from. I now wonder if she meant to negotiate an alliance at all? I gave her my most genuine looking, I hoped, smile and asked, “Your majesty, Queen Iman, it's such an honor to meet you.”

“Hmm, thank you.” She lifted an eyebrow. “What's your name? And who are you?”

“Sai Michael Way. 2Nd in line to the throne. My brother Sai Gerard Way is going to be ruler of Corlia soon. My Pa, Sai Dertan is very sick.”

“Ah, yes. I remember now. One of your parents died somewhat suddenly and the other is one is on zir death bed. So your young sibling has to take over. So sad.” She didn't sound sad at all. I was shocked.

“Mother! How can you speak like that?”

“Child! Is that how you address your Queen in public?! I'll speak any way I want.”

“I'm sorry, y-your M-Majesty, Ma'am.” Kerry bowed her head in deference.

“That's better.”

“Yes, sorry for your losses, Michael was it? Killi wasn't able to come to an alliance agreement 39 years ago when my mother was Queen. But, I'm going to try again anyway. Maybe this generation will get something out of this.... thing.” She swirled her hands in circles, indicating that she meant the people at the table. Her comment disturbed me greatly and I could tell it rattled Kerry to. She still had her head slightly bowed, but she turned left and looked into my eyes. What I saw was fear. Iman sighed loudly and dramatically rubbed the side of her face with her hand. “Well, you 2 shouldn't get too cozy over there. You know that Alliance between the Humans and the Corlians? Well, it involves some arranged marriages.” Kerry's head shot up, but it was still turned to the left side and looking my way.. My eyes widened as far as they could physically could. Now mine were full of fear. I couldn't breathe, I just couldn't. I'm going to pass out. “Oh, you didn't know? Young Michael here is engaged. Zir husband is on his way as we speak.” Then she cackled, that horrible sound finally being drown out by a screeching noise I didn't recognize. When Kerry placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, I finally turned to look at her.

“It's going to be alright.” Once she wrapped her arms around me, I realized the screeching noise was coming from me. We started rocking slightly, which soothed me greatly. It was then that Gee appeared at my side. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that the Queen was pissed. I think she had planned on Kerry getting mad and storming off, not sitting there comforting me.

“What's wrong with Mikey? Hi, I'm Gee, ze's sibling.”

“Hi. I'm Kerry, Princess of Killi.” She then leaned in to whisper into Gee's ear. I was only semi aware at the time, but I still appreciated that she tried to make sure this didn't become everybodys' business. It was bad enough that they could see me freaking out. “My mom is a cold hearted bitch for one thing. Your sib and I hit it off so she had to go and ruin things. She dropped the bomb that the Corlian and Humans on Earth have arranged marriages as part of the alliance? Do you know anything about this?” Gee shook his head no. “If its true, you are both engaged and your mates are on their way. Michael didn't take it so well.”

“Mikey.” I mumbled into her shoulder, still clinging to her.

“What did you say?”

“Ze said Mikey. Call zir Mikey, that what ze goes by unless the situation is formal. Then it's Sai Michael.” Gee explains.

“Ah, ok. ze was telling my mom zir name because she wanted to know who ze was. But she was being all snooty about it. It makes sense that ze would give zir formal name. Are you going to be ok honey? We'll figure this out, alright? It isn't over until you say I do. We will find a way, I promise.” She cooed the words to me and pet my hair softly, almost making me forget that there was a Queen seething across a table from me.

“We will both make sure it's ok.”

“Thanks Gee. Kerry.” Suddenly, I felt like things might not be so bad. After all, Gee was going to be ruler soon and ze said ze'd help me. But, things got so much worse than we imaged.
Feb 15, 2089 - The day Killi declared war on Corlia and Earth

I had tried to tell myself I wasn't moping. I was just resting in bed on my back. While we were in a bad situation as a people I was going to be in a serious mood. It's perfectly normal to be concerned. But I was sure Gee and Andy knew something was up. They've known all my tells since childhood. Kerry and I had been chatting over the network at least 5 times a week since the dinner. I was falling more in love with her every day. But her communication stopped last week, she wouldn't answer my calls or messages and i hadn't received any either. Then when Killi declared war, my first thought was that it was too dangerous for her to contact me. I knew she'd never be involved in anything like this. The Queen however, this had Iman's stench all over it. But there was that tiny, nagging doubt that Kerry was either forced into the other side or was deceiving me. My heart hurts at the thought that Kerry was faking all the attention she gave me, every smile, every laugh. I guessed it didn't matter now. She might as well be in another galaxy. If this isn't the ultimate Romeo and Juliet story, I don't know what it is. After about 3 hours of laying there feeling sorry for myself, a voice brought me back to reality.

Computer: Urgent message for Sai Michael from an unknown source. Do you wish to read it now?
Mikey: Uh, yes,yes, please. Display it. Thank you.

Message: Urgent message:

Many on Killi oppose this war with Earth and Corelia. many opposed. There are supporters in high positions as well but revealing their identities would put them at risk. We plan to remove the cold hearted bitch, and replace her with someone who has the peoples best interests in mind. If successful, this will stop the war. Any allies in this effort would benefit us although there will be distrust of those of us Killians fighting against the B. I send this at great risk to my life. This network channel is hidden for now Don't worry, it's not over until you say I do.


End of message

I was stunned. This means a possible an end to the war, a possible Alliance, and so many lives saved on all three planets depending on how the coup goes. But how many people are on the side of the Queen and how many people are on Kerry's side. We could take the war to them. I wonder how many soldiers headed to earth are doing so under duress? I also needed to figure out a way to find out if Kerry was indeed sincere. And the all important the fact that I'm engaged. I let out a huge sigh. We were told we had the option to say no. But why did it feel like that wasn't the case.

---End of Flashbacks---

Gee had been a lot more relaxed these past few weeks and Andy and I had a hunch that zir husband to be was the reason. They spent time chatting on the network whenever they could and they seemed a great match. Pa and Ent really had choose wisely. Frankie had already come up with so many good ideas and he wasn't even sworn in as ruler. For someone who just learned they were marrying the ruler of a planet, and soon had to become one himself, he seems to have taken it all in stride. I couldn't be happier for my sibling. While I was out having fun, sewing my royal oats as discreetly as I could, Gee had his head in the books. Of course the Royal Training was much stiffer on the first born, but ze always took zir responsibilities seriously. Ze really took care of Andy and I in the most loving way possible, and that meant largely foregoing a social life for zirself. I think ze also would have been afraid to bring disgrace to zir position anyway. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure zir a virgin, so I'm really happy zir going to finally be getting some. No one deserves happiness more than ze. Hopefully now ze will be in a position where ze won't always put zir own needs last.

I hated keeping things from my brothers but it never seems like that right time. But now that my 'fiancee' was going to land within the hour, I really needed to start talking soon. I knew that anyone who wanted to marry me would have to wait until I was 18 anyway, but I didn't want to lead anyone on, especially someone who flew 40 years to marry me. I saw that it was a half an hour until landing. I had to go now. I put a hidden message on my private network so she would know I'd already left. However, she was aware of the launch time and knew to wait until later. Maybe if I hurry, I can talk to Gee before the landing.


Hi there,

I've been working on this monster for so long. Originally this was supposed to be one chapter. Mikey's back to back Flashbacks made things long. But I don't see another way, believe me i've thought long and hard. I do have a plan but I decided to add a little twist, so yeah.

I apologize for any errors in spelling, grammar, etc. After 3 drafts and a couple readings, I'm sure I've missed things. I need an editor. Love you guys.



Thx! Its like I have all the puzzle pieces in my hands, but they're not quite gelling yet. But I'm close. At this point, I don't want to just put out some garbage to get it off my plate.

Sharpest_Life_B Sharpest_Life_B

Soooooooo loonking forward to this being continued, but take your time, no rush.

I hope you're doing okay! This story is so good, hopefully you'll update again at some point :)

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really can't wait!

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Thank you so much! That means a lot. I have a lot planned for this. Hopefully I can pull myself together soon. There was just too many things pressing in at once.

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