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A Killjoy Story

the begining

No one's POV

Darkness fell on the city. Only a few gaurds were on patrol. There would have been more but they were guarding the jail since that afternoon they had captured Fun Ghoul. One of the most wanted killjoys. But the lack of guards was perfect for charlie's caper. She was planning on painting the headquaters and with the lack of guards it would be easy. She started walking in the shodows. Always making sure her blonde and blue hair were out of sight. She could become invisable on night when the moon didn't show it's face. Blending in was something she was always good at. Even as a young kid life was hard at school. At home he parents gave her everytihng she wanted to cmpensate for school. They devoted all of their attention to her. She had an older sister and a brother who was only one year older. She took away her parents from them when they needed them most. During their teenage years her sibling were left to fend for themselves. The bullying, the failing, the drugs and alchohal. Her parents didn't even pay attention to that. he brother suicidal attempts we nothing in her parents eyes. Her sister ended up refusing to take care of her because she was looking after her brother in the hospital. She had been a bitch. When the dracs were coming she escpaed first and destroyed the escape tunnel. Therefore sealing her families fate. After that she ran and ran. She ran into a killjoy named adreniline rush and she taught her about how art is a weapon. How color can help slightly break BL/Ind's hold over people. After that she returned to the city. Sometimes the odd rebal would accompany her but she never got attatched. Most of the time they were ghosted, captured or just to much pressure on them. She made a promise to herself that she would never get attatched to a person again. She didn't want to make a mistake and lose people. She shook the thoughts from her head and continued sneaking to the headquaters. Her bag hit a wall and the spray cans began to rattle. She heard foot steps and hid in the shadows. She was backing up when she backed in to someone
"Who do we have hear" A man with red hair asked
"Ummmm... well who are you" I retorted trying to sound tough
"Oh fiesty must be a rebal. Whats in her bag?" He asked a blonde guy infornt of me
"Nothing but some spray cans and some paint" He announces as he looks through my bag
"Okay kid stay out of the way. We dont want you getting hurt" The red head tells me
"Yeah me get hurt your out of your mind. Its you guys who are making all the noise" I snap back
"Well hollar if you need help getting your paint lids off" The red head said trying to sound better then me
"Yeah hollar if you need help getting your fried out of jail. The place is packed with dracs" I tell him back
"Well we gotta go have fun" The red head told me
The boys left and she went to the Headquaters. She heard the sirens in the jail go off and scoffed at them. She hid while the guards ran off and she began her work. She took a sky blue and a cherry red and painted swirls. Then she wrote words such as family, love, memories. The she painted the killjoys. Party poison, Fun Ghoul, Jetstar and Kobra Kid were all kicking drac butt. Then a picture of Korse with a rope around his neck and citizens beating him like a pinata. She then packed up her painting supplies and and started her escape. She then heard shouting and gun shots. She knew she was going to escape but the voice in the back of her head told her she had to help. She groaned and took off sprinting to the jail. She pulled out a regular automatic pistol with a 12 round magazine. She hated to use ray guns because that means your serving BL/ind. She took out the gueards at the gate and raced toward the circle where she saw the killjoys. The red haired one was on the ground and the ine in green was tending to him. She sighed and ran over dropping her bag and grabbing a tomi gun. She shot two shots i the sky and got the attention of everyone.
"Okay freaks of nature. Now back off before I go all old fashion on you." I yelled to the dracs
Everyone backed off and she rushed to help the red head
"You should have called me earlier" I said and I smirked at him
She gave him a shot in the neck and he sighed
"Fun Ghoul get him out of here. You two cover them" I yelled to them
Fun Ghoul helped Party poison and then Kobra and Jet ran after them. Charlie left last before she left she drew with some gasoline and dropped a match. Then the words REBALCHARLIE became flammed in the ground. She smiled as the dracs ran from the fire. She smirked and ran after the boys.


@Fun Ghoul
No big deal. I love it though.
JackofTrades JackofTrades
thanks so much u probably stopped reading because sometimes i only update half a chapter
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul
I remember beginning to read this one and then stopping for some reason... Either way, I'm picking it back up. There are a few mistakes, but it's still completely understandable. I love this. I honestly do. I love the idea of one girl saving the Fabulous Killjoys. You execute it so much better than I do though. Keep up the good work!
JackofTrades JackofTrades
@Fun Ghoul
Other than that, it is a great story. Good promt. Kudo's doll.
Mirror_Mayhem Mirror_Mayhem
Thanks ill fix it
Fun Ghoul Fun Ghoul