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Lost and Alone - My Chemical Romance Horror Story

Chapter 8 - Needles

*Gerard Way’s POV*
I slowly opened my eyes, realising the pain shooting up my right leg. I squinted down and saw a deep gash in my leg. I took a shaky breath, trying to shut out the feeling of agony from my system. I closed my eyes and put my head against the wall. I must have been knocked out for a while, because my back was aching from being slumped against the wall. The floor was also extremely uncomfortable. I put my hands down onto the floor, ready to haul myself up when I felt something break under my hands. I looked down quickly and saw two needles crushed under my left hand. I jumped to my feet as fast as I could, ignoring the searing pain from my leg and stared in horror at the room before me.

The whole room was full of needles. The floor had carpet made from hundreds, maybe thousands of needles. The walls had needles sticking out from every angle apart from the wall that I was leaning up against. Even the roof was covered in the sharp and deadly objects. I quickly checked myself to see if I had any needles sticking out of me. I somehow did not. I turned my attention back to the thousands upon thousands of death wishes in front of me. I started breathing heavily, not being able to control my terror.

‘Gerard.’ a voice suddenly shouted. I whipped my head around.
‘Mikey?’ I shouted.
‘No, idiot.’ the voice said, sighing. I stared at the ceiling before seeing a speaker and camera in the right hand corner. I backed up against the needle-free wall.
‘W-who are you?’ I stammered.
‘Why do you all ask me this?’ the speaker chuckled. ‘I’m not saying, that’s an obviously stupid idea. What if you get out? I’d be ruined.’
‘What do you mean if?!’ I yelled. What the hell were they on about?
‘Never mind, doubt you will get out anyway.’ the voice continued. ‘Like all the needles?’
‘Shut the fuck up!’ I screamed. ‘You’re fucking mental, where’s Ray? Where is my brother and Frank?’
‘I won’t be telling you where Ray is anytime soon, but Mikey and Frank are trying to find you both. I wonder if they’ll make it in time.’
‘In time?’ I said quietly. I heard the camera zoom in a bit.
‘Yes,’ the voice replied. ‘In time.’
I felt faint with confusion. My head was spinning and my leg was throbbing terribly. That’s when I noticed. I didn’t feel faint from the confusion.

There weren’t any windows, and the door in the far corner had bits of wood hammered into it, most of which that was covering the gaps in the door frame. I started panicking all over again.
‘You’re going to suffocate me?’ I roared. ‘Are you fucking mental?!’
‘Oh, the genius has figured it out. Clap clap,’ the voice said, his words dripping with sarcasm. ‘And yes, I intend on suffocating you.’
My breaths grew short as I sprinted to the door, carefully trying not to trip over.
‘Help!’ I screamed, banging my fists onto the poorly constructed door. ‘Someone! Anyone! Are you there?’
‘They’re nowhere near you, Gerard.’ the speaker said plainly.
‘They’ll find me! They’ll fucking find me!’ I cried out desperately.
‘Well, if they can find you in 90 minutes, then you’ll be fine. But, if they do not,’ the speaker echoed out. It stayed silent for a few seconds.
‘What?’ I yelled, running my fingers through my hair, frustrated and scared. ‘What will happen?’
‘Your oxygen will run out.’


oh, snap!

** please comment if there's any grammar/spelling mistakes, i hate mistakes like that in my writing. so infuriating sometimes!

thank you lovely people! best wishes xx


when is chapter 15 coming? hopefully soon... i stopped reading cuz it seems like authors arent trying anymore but this has me excited and wanting more

PsychoJay PsychoJay

Yay can't wait! :)

Dead_Pegasus_01 Dead_Pegasus_01

More will be coming soon! x

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Oh gosh, that sounds horrible! And we'll see what happens to the boys soon! Thank you very much! xx

sonyamcr sonyamcr


Thank you so much for reading! ^o^ x

sonyamcr sonyamcr